Beautiful Eyelash Extensions: Steps and Features of the Procedure


It’s no secret that the right set of eyelash extensions can be the accessory you’ve been searching for. But have you ever wondered what goes behind crafting beautiful eyelash extensions? From attaching individual eyelash extensions and maintaining after-care routines, here are all the steps and features of an eyelash extension procedure!

Lash Shampoo

Before lash artists can begin designing lash fill with mink lash extensions, it’s important to cleanse the natural lashes and prepare them for the lash adhesive. 

Using foaming lash shampoos is the easiest way to remove excess body oils, dirt, debris and makeup residue from lashes. By removing all the extra fluff, natural lashes can retain mink lash extensions better. And the results? Gorgeous lash extensions that last for 6 – 7 weeks! Visit the Stacy Lash lash supply store to get your hands on a gentle-formula lash shampoo that is perfect for both in-salon and at-home use. 

Mink Lash Extensions

With natural lashes prepped, the next step is all about picking the right set of individual eyelash extensions. 

Lash fills can express creativity, style and originality. Black and brown eyelash extensions bring effortless elegance and chicness, and are perfect for everyday wear and professional settings. Colored mink lashes and Ellipse lash extensions add depth and character to lash fills. Check out the Stacy Lash mink lash catalog and browse through premium-quality mink eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash Extension Glues

Once the right pair is picked out, lash artists will move on to attach the individual eyelash extensions to natural lashes. Eyelash extension glues also come in a variety of formulas that have unique properties. 

 From lightning-fast drying adhesives to clear finishes and low-fume formulas, there is an eyelash extension glue for every client. For sensitive or reactive clients, the extra-light formula Stacy Lash Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue is specifically designed to reduce potential allergic effects on clients. 

Before the application process can begin, lash artists start by placing soft eyelash extension pads underneath the natural lashes. Next, lash techs will move on to separate the natural lashes and attach individual eyelash extensions. Once all the mink lashes extensions are placed, the application process is complete!

After-Care Routine

The last step in any eyelash extension procedure is the after-care routine that begins at the salon chair. 

It’s paramount to keep the mink lashes individuals clean and shed-proof throughout the next few weeks. By performing daily lash cleanses, avoiding extra heat, and oil-based products, lash clients can enjoy their long and striking lashes for weeks to come! Shop at the Stacy Lash lash supply store and explore all the necessary products and tools needed for the eyelash extension after-care routine! 


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