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What is a Wealth Manager

What is a Wealth Manager? __________________________________________________________________ Wealth Manager the name might sound different for you, but for people who deal with financial management definitely be familiar with this term. A wealth manager is similar to the financial manager who manages the wealth of clients and suggests worthy ideas on investment, estate plans, shares and a lot more. If you think a wealth manager is a person who can only advise plans on how to manage their wealth. But in real fact the wealth manager’s work is beyond that they not only manage their wealth and do advice in addition to this they also be a financial advisor and also handle accounts and tax details of the client. In simple words a wealth manager is a personal financial advisor for you. Here employee retirement benefit plans. ______________________________________________________________________ By hearing all this stuff  some would still be confused about how the wealth manager works and some may even confuse the work of wealth managers is the same as financial advisor or manager which is really a wrong fact. So to make you clear enough what works are done by a wealth manager and how they differ from other financial advisors and managers are explained below. __________________________________________________________________ Working of wealth manager: __________________________________________________________________ Similar to other management services even wealth managers have their own set of specialists and services which is followed by all wealth management firms. Obviously the next question raised in your mind is what are those specialisations and services? If you look at the service of wealth managers it has a wide range of topics to cover here some of the major areas worked by a wealth manager are listed below. __________________________________________________________________ Advices on investment and wealth management __________________________________________________________________ Long – term and ultra financial planning ______________________________________________________________________ Tax strategic planning __________________________________________________________________ Legacy planning for family __________________________________________________________________ Planning on insurance and risk management __________________________________________________________________ Retirement planning __________________________________________________________________ Legal financial planning __________________________________________________________________ Estate planning __________________________________________________________________ Investment planning __________________________________________________________________ Trust planning and services Tax and banking service In addition to all the above listed services a wealth manager also acts as central command between the client and other financial sources and experts who deal with that. All these services are offered by a wealth manager based on the client wealth value. If the client has a high or ultra wealthy source then a wealth manager will be a central communication contact for clients who gather all information from other financial experts like legal attorney, insurance agents, accountant, and tax manager and so on. With all gathered information a wealth manager makes a prompt decision that is beneficial for the client. __________________________________________________________________ Wealth management advisor or wealth manager __________________________________________________________________ By knowing the workings of the wealth manager and their roles and responsibilities you may end up in hiring a wealth manager to manage all your wealth. But if you rush to check out for a wealth manager you would definitely end up in confusion whether to choose wealth management advisor or wealth manager? It is quite a confusing factor similar to the financial advisor and wealth manager. This is purely based on the need of the client so before searching for a wealth manager you should be clear enough what is your need. _______________________________________________________________________ If you want to have wealth management then you can better opt for a wealth manager who would offer entire financial advice and service under one roof. In case there is only need for advice in specific areas then you can check out for a financial advisor who can offer better efficient advice to manage the financial crises and tax issues. The only thing is while checking out for financial advisors you need to ensure their specialisation too. _______________________________________________________________________ So to the bottom of line the wealth manager can offer service to clients who have high value or ultra value wealth so if you are one then you can opt for a wealth manager who holds valid certificates with them. __________________________________________________________________ Wealth Management Example __________________________________________________________________ The best example for wealth management can be gained in the day today. Consider yourself as a direct employee in the firm that deals with the maximum investment either it may be a banking sector or an insurance company or similar sort of company. There your major focus is on management and that remains to be your primary thing in the concern. In those cases if you opt for a wealth manager or wealth management advisor then the wealth manager would provide entire guidance for the wealth management. _______________________________________________________________________ If you keenly look, most of the wealth management firms either follow collaborative approach or single firm approach. It is nothing but a collaborative approach; a hub of advisers works together as a team to manage the wealth of the client. On other hand people may also opt for another way of management service from the wealth manager firm that is a single office or firm approach. Here the staff and experts of firms do work on each specialist and offer wealth management service to the clients. Mostly this way of approach is opt for family firms, bank sectors and for other ultra sourced wealth management. __________________________________________________________________ Financial planner jobs. As a final statement a wealth manager works either in a small part or as a whole firm they first specify the business structure based on that they include all works that are needed in the specific sectors. By hearing all these things you might come to the conclusion that hiring a wealth manager is a wise option. However if you are about to have a wealth manager to manage your wealth and source then make sure to choose the best one from the wealth management firm. Some of you still may worry about the cost and fees for hiring wealth management obviously when you hold a small or medium level of wealth. In real fact you may not worry about the fees concern basically a wealth manager gets their fees on a percentage basis if the client has ultra wealth then the payment for the wealth manager starts from 1% this percentage may increase based on the wealth value level. If the wealth value is low then the percentage might be less than 1%. However a wealth manager does all work strategies to maintain as well as increase the wealth of the client.

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