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Writing allows me to pour my heart out in words. So, that's what I've been doing for the past 6 years. I strive to bring in a change in the world by taking tiny steps of curating the right message that needs to be conveyed.

Unemployment Payments of $400-per-week Announced by Donald Trump

On Saturday, August 8, President Donald Trump approved four executive actions. The aim is now to bring relief in the form of unemployment payments....
coronavirus news

Coronavirus News: WHO Chief Says There Is Hope Against COVID-19

According to latest Coronavirus news, the World Health Organisation chief said that there is hope for winning the long war against Coronavirus pandemic. Dr....
Cleveland Clinic: Wearing Gloves Can Still Put Us as Risk of Coronavirus

Cleveland Clinic: Wearing Gloves Can Still Put Us at Risk of Coronavirus

Wearing gloves can only protect a person if they also follow all the other measures, says Cleveland Clinic. The USA's leading medical center also...
Crew Dragon splashdown

Crew Dragon Splashdown Succesfully Brings Back NASA Astronauts

The SpaceX spacecraft Crew Dragon splashdown was a success and brought back NASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken home. The mission marked a...
vaccine trials

US Updates on Biggest COVID-19 Vaccine Trials With 30,000 Volunteers

It is absolutely enthralling to see the number of American residents coming forward in the fight against coronavirus. The United States is all set...
Alaska Earthquake Prompted Tsunami Warning and led to Evacuations

Alaska Earthquake Prompted Tsunami Warning and Led to Evacuations

Warning sirens were blared while residents of Alaska planned to flee to higher ground after earthquake warnings prompted floods on July 21. It was...
Gunman disguised as FedEx driver kills Son of Federal Judge Esther Salas

Gunman Disguised as FedEx Driver Kills Son of Federal Judge Esther Salas

A son of a federal judge was killed by a gunshot and her husband was injured. The incident took place over the weekend in...

US accuses Russian hackers to try and steal Coronavirus vaccine research

Recent interviews with the National Security Agency along with its counterparts such as Canada and Britain are accusing Russian hackers. According to the press...
Walt Disney World Florida Reopens Amidst Covid-19 Surge

Walt Disney World Florida Reopens Amidst COVID-19 Surge

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has reopened even when the cases of coronavirus are going on increasing. The Magic Kingdom and the...
COVID-19 party

Texas Man Dies After Attending COVID-19 Party Thinking Infection Is Hoax

A 30-year-old man from Texas attended a “COVID-19 party” hosted by a person who was coronavirus positive and died. Doctors reveal the underlining risk...
coronavirus transmission

Chances of Coronavirus Transmission down by 65 Percent with Face Mask

The primary way to prevent coronavirus is wearing a mask when out in the public. Initially, it was mandatory for people who have been...

COVID-19 Masks Are New Threat to Pollution in Oceans and Beaches

When the massive amount of plastic was already floating around and polluting the Pacific Ocean, there is another problem that arises. There is now...
Kanye West

Kanye West Running for President – Reality or Joke?

Ever since Donald Trump has been the President of the United States, Kanye West teased his fans saying that he’d love to run for...
brain eating amoeba

Florida Department of Health Warns Citizens of Rare Brain Eating Amoeba

The Florida Department of Health reported that a resident of Hillsborough came in contact with Naegleria Fowleri which infects the brain tissues. This disease...

Florida Bans Alcohol Consumption at Bars as Coronavirus Cases Rise

Florida authorities yet again put a ban on city bars serving alcohol due to the recent rise in coronavirus cases. The license giving authority,...