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Out of the door, I finally found out why I always felt something was wrong, please, the one inside seems to be the undead, right? What are the undead? They are dead creatures! How can a dead creature look so old, unless he died of old age! But after receiving so much knowledge, I have a relatively clear understanding of the undead. Ghouls are pure undead creatures naturally generated in the underworld, and there is no aging state at all! The only explanation for this, I'm afraid, is that the guy has lived a long time, so he wants something to decorate himself. Moreover, among the undead, the combat class is divided into the warrior class and the mage class. And the Lich is the top existence of the mage department, which can be comparable to the high-end existence of the demigod. In terms of level, there are at least 120 levels (players up to 100 levels, demigods up to 120 levels, gods up to 200 levels). No wonder the old man looks like such a crazy believer. He did not know that the other side is actually located at the top of the Lich super big Lich, look at the level of a full 150 oh! By the way, he wants me to find a skeleton for ten people. What do you want that for? Is this the legendary mission? After floating around and thinking about the knowledge of the game for a long time, I suddenly realized the tunnel. He quickly opened his task list, and sure enough, a task was clearly displayed there,wire nail machine manufacturers, "collect ten skeletons for the steward of Shadow Bunker, unlimited time, task level G." (Tasks are divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, C.. All the way up to G-level tasks,Nail production machine, where G is the easiest and SSS is the hardest.) "Go, go, go. Outside is the graveyard. Go and see if there is a complete skeleton." This time, he finally found one more thing in his package-the unfinished map-and he quickly unfolded it, showing all the places he had just run around. He hurried to the graveyard, and after careful observation, he found out why the old ghoul said "ten skeletons" instead of ten human skeletons. The graveyard is full of skeletons, but most of them are incomplete, and the skeletons of all races are mixed all over the ground. This Floating around looking at the broken bones on the ground, scratching his head strangely, then squatting down and playing with the green luminous plants growing out of the skull's head. This is a good thing. Without any experience, he intuitively thought that the plant that could emit dim light was very interesting, so he pulled it up. Ah After leaving the ground, the root of the plant immediately sent out a terrible cry, floating around, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, only to feel a pain in his body, to see his blood brush to reduce, originally only 10 points of blood in an instant to the end. Suddenly, he turned into a white light and returned to the resurrection point, the Shadow Bunker. Boy, why are you back so soon? Oh, let me see, the original is hanging back ah, but I remember that the vicinity is the owner's territory, there should be no dangerous creatures exist ah? Diss asked curiously, not knowing where he had got a pair of glasses this time. I accidentally pulled out something, uh.. He looked carefully for his hand, didn't he? If you don't have what you got before, you should find your own package immediately. "This sentence quickly appeared in his head. He quickly went through the bag, but he didn't."? "That.." Did you put that thing in your bag? Diss asked in a strange tone. That, it doesn't seem to be. Floated around and scratched his hair sheepishly. Fool, I don't care if you get it or not, anyway, you go out and collect bones now! Dees kicked someone out in anger. "Idiot!"! You're not allowed in here until you get something! I set your resurrection point at the door! "Uh.." Someone else in the clouds suddenly flew out and fell into a pile of bones in the distance. Chapter 8 Rookie Growth Path (2) In the game, an undead is repeating the process of death, resurrection, death again, and resurrection again. Although the undead are known as the undead, the damage is too great. If it exceeds the total health of the undead, even they will die immediately. And the fundamental reason why this rookie undead repeats these processes is the undead mandala. Undead Mandala, a level 50 undead creature, has the same ability as Screaming Mandala (level 30). It has no attack power and no defense power, but it will not die as long as it is not pulled out of the soil for a long time. When it is pulled out, it will send out a spiritual shock wave, which is its only skill, namely the death skill-Dead Howl. Can instantly kill a creature that hears a call. Unless equipped with high level mental resistance equipment or with the resistance talent, it cannot save and must die. Although this strange plant has a very high level, but before it is pulled out, it has no ability, but once it is pulled out, it will use a wide range of abnormal death magic, if not for the high value of Datura itself, I am afraid no one would like to trouble it. Damn, this is the fiftieth time! He floated back and forth, revived in the white light again, and then rushed on to the undead mandala over there. Of course, he still didn't know what the thing was that he had not been able to put into his bag. The life of a special soldier filled his mind with perseverance, but the influence of schizophrenia made him want to get to the bottom of all strange things. As a result, someone who should have given up long ago has been running between the shadow bunker and the graveyard until now. But anyway, he was level 0, and now that he's died so many times, he's not going to die lower and lower. So someone who is not afraid of death continues to do things like this more and more. Ah The mandala screamed for the 151st time, but this time,Nail machine manufacturer, something strange happened. The little ghost holding it did disappear as a streamer, but it did not fall to the ground like the previous 130 times, but disappeared with the white light. 3shardware.com

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