Friday, October 18, 2019

Faheem Jutt

Faheem Jutt
Faheem is a reporter for US Updates. After graduating from the Punjab University, Faheem got an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a beat reporter and editor. Faheem has also worked as a columnist for the Express-News. Faheem covers entertainment and community events for US Updates.
Virus Software For Your Business

Why You Need To Invest In Virus Software For Your Business

A virus software is one of the biggest and most important investments for any business that operates using computers and computer systems. Such software...
Hosting Parasitic Infections

Are You Hosting Parasitic Infections?

What is a Parasitic Infection? A parasite is any organism that requires living off another organism to survive. While certain parasites do not cause any...
Pancreatic cancer therapy

Pancreatic cancer therapy: focus on the systemic treatment

Accessibility of the novel and updated conventional treatment techniques in Germany allows providing each oncologic patient with the highest chance of the disease defeating....
Beach Outing

Essentials You Should Never Forget To Pack For a Beach Outing

Heading to the beach for vacation sounds interesting! Canvas yourself on a beach, surrounded by water, the sun in your face, the breeze making...
Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment

Role of Surgery And Rehabilitation Programs in Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment

According to the international specialized medical registries, osteoarthritis appears to be the most widespread joint disease in the world. Incidence of the pathology increases...

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