Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Faheem Jutt

Faheem Jutt
Faheem is a reporter for US Updates. After graduating from the Punjab University, Faheem got an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a beat reporter and editor. Faheem has also worked as a columnist for the Express-News. Faheem covers entertainment and community events for US Updates.
Irregular Periods

5 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

Description: This article will discuss the irregular periods include the causes, the symptoms, and medical treatment. Top home remedies for irregular periods will help...
Weight Loss Veggies Fruits

Weight Loss With Veggies And Fruits

Vegetables and fruits play a very important role in healthy diets. To lose weight fast you have to include them in your daily diet....
kissing bug

Kissing Bugs: 5 Natural Ways to How To Get Rid Of Kissing Bugs?

Introduction Kissing bugs can appear anywhere in your house such as mattress, pillows, carpets, windows, doors and especially in corners and edges. They are blood-feeding...
amazon black friday

The Best Amazon Black Friday Deals Of 2018

Amazon always has new deals and the packages on Black Friday each year. This year 2018 it has a lot of bunches of discounts...
the lion king teaser

The Lion King Teaser Trailer, Release Date And More…..!

Another super upcoming drama movie of America is The Lion King in 2019. This movie is written by Jeff Nathanson and produced by Walt...

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