Sunday, October 20, 2019

Faheem Jutt

Faheem Jutt
Faheem is a reporter for US Updates. After graduating from the Punjab University, Faheem got an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a beat reporter and editor. Faheem has also worked as a columnist for the Express-News. Faheem covers entertainment and community events for US Updates.
tik tok

National Cybersmile study shows TikTok on the rise with Gen Z and Millennials

A new national study by The Cybersmile Foundation of over 20,000 millennial and Gen Z internet users has identified TikTok as the fastest growing...
Merchant Payment Processing

5G Will Improve Merchant Payment Processing

Merchants processing credit cards will see new technology advances on equipment offered by their high-risk merchant account processor, adding both speed and security to...
Carpet Cleaning Brushes

The Best Carpet Cleaning Brushes

Here we have the list of top quality and reliable to use carpet cleaning brushes for you. Want to know the best part about...
Writing Services

6 Things To Ensure From Custom Paper Writing Services

It is never good to be in a rush for something that you are looking for. This fact is true when you are in...

6 Tips to Getting the Most from Medicare

Medicare is basically a health insurance plan that is offered by the government for people that are older than 65 years. This is because...

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