Linda Whitt

Linda is a social critic, movie buff, tech junkie, animal lover and writer. She writes professionally on varying subjects that include e-commerce, business, and tech news and lifestyle pieces. In her spare time, she likes to dabble in online trading, stocks and bonds. Linda also has an interest in financial news and has written many published blogs on the subject. When not working, you can find her at her favorite bookstore or local animal shelter.
Thanksgiving DAY

13 Thanksgiving Home & Travel Safety Tips

Thanksgiving spirit is upon us. The festivities are in full swing. People are excited to host their friends and families over a Turkey-licious meal....
learn how to trade

Getting into Forex Trading from Scratch

Many of us dream of a life of little work and lots of money. Very few of us achieve this. Some may try some...
how to start a blog

5 Easy Steps on How to Start a Blog

“Blogging is not about publishing as much as you can. It is about publishing as smart as you can.” – Jon Morrow, the creator...
Fact Pro

The FACT PRO – Your One and Only Destination for Facts

In this age of social media, it usually happens that a large number of youngsters don't watch the news channels nor they read the...

What is SGX Nifty: Everything You Need to Know

SGX or Singapore Exchange is considered one of the premier stock exchanges in Asia. It‘s a movement on which reflects in other stock indices...
social media marketing hacks for small business owners

10 Social Media Marketing Hacks For Small Business Owners

Social Media is a great marketing tool for businesses. Not only is it a cost-efficient way to get in touch with your target market,...
How to Invest Your Funds

7 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind While Investing in U.S. Funds

There are two main reasons that encourage people to invest in. One is the benefit of having liquidity in the near future. The other...
Abella Eyewear Glasses

Abella Eyewear: The Fastest Growing Eyewear Brand

The millennial's have a new eyewear brand to look out for; with more than 62000 followers on Instagram, Abella Eyewear is here to stay!...
Berg and Harberts Photo

The Entertainment Team of Berg and Harberts

The creative television team of Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts has been heavily involved in the production behind some of television’s most memorable dramas,...

GlacialPure: The Ultimate Water Purification Machine

Are you irritated by falling sick every other day despite of using pricey water purifiers? Do you think your water filters are unable to...
Actress Nicole Vukov

New York Comedy’s finest presents A Sketch of New York

Actress Nicole Vukov has been gaining ground and establishing her self as a world-renowned actor. The last time I saw her she stood out...
dj iljano

“4 August “Album coming soon by DJ Iljano

Over the past few years, Dj Iljano has received an increasing amount of attention for his music, with songs such as Away in Berlin,...
DJ Iljano - Albanian Singer

Meet DJ Iljano , the Albanian Superstar

Ylli Shahaj known as DJ Iljano is a professional musician from Albania. From an early age his first words has always been music. Iljano’s...
Bakhuizen on his trip around South Africa

Interview with Luke Bakhuizen on Circumnavigating Australia

Australia is a huge country, with a very, very long coastline (nearly 36,000km in fact) It’s also extremely beautiful, and varied – as you’d...
press release distribution thru social media

Using Press Release Distribution Service with Social Media

In the past decades, public relations professionals used to give a statement on air. They also used to release their statements in print or publish...