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Faheem is a reporter for US Updates. After graduating from the Punjab University, Faheem got an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a beat reporter and editor. Faheem has also worked as a columnist for the Express-News. Faheem covers entertainment and community events for US Updates.
Honolulu City Tour

The Amazing Places You Can Go To When Going On A Honolulu City Tour

People love exotic tourist destinations for their holidays and vacations. There are many scenic and picturesque locations all over the world but few manage...
Table Tennis Deep Shakehand

Table Tennis Grip Types: Pros and Cons

With regards to picking the table tennis grips, it is significant for you to discover the favourable circumstances and hindrances of it. In view...
Enhancing The Customer Experience

4 Ways in Which AI Is Enhancing The Customer Experience

We all know that effective customer management is the key to a successful business. Regardless of how innovative products or services a business offers,...
Electric Blower

Buying Guide of Makita XBU02PTt1 Electric Blower

Before you purchase a best cordless leaf blower like, you have to learn about them possibly. Without understanding some essential facts, you may stop...
job site

Fratres Officially Launches Brand New Job Site in Pakistan

Fratres Group is a privately held IT company, headquarters based in London, England. is live in Pakistan and now an official part of...
Brain Fitness

6 Essential Nutrients to Improve Your Brain Fitness

We're serious about taking care of our bodies, shouldn't we feel the same way when it comes to taking care of our minds?Yes! Our...
Large Canvas Art

8 Personality Types And The Large Canvas Art They Enjoy

Every person is unique and has a particular set of events that have made them who they are. There are no two same personalities...
Delicious Caviar

7 Reasons To Get Delicious Caviar Now!

An old delicacy, caviar has a reputation as one of the world's most illustrious foods. Certainly it's prized by gourmets, but it's also loaded...
Alternative Media

3 Reasons to Consume More Alternative Media in 2020

Alternative media offer a diversity of views and ideas that are not commonly conveyed by the various for-profit media products or information services. They...
Permanent Acupuncture

Find Out How Permanent Acupuncture Can Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis

For thousands of years, Chinese practitioners have been using the ancient knowledge of acupuncture to treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions. Originally...
Freelance Writer

How to Become a Freelance Writer: A Complete Guide to Get Started!

Do you have talent as a wordsmith? Life as a content writer could be a career worth considering if you have good command over...
Pursuing A Career in Private Equity with an MBA

Pursuing A Career in Private Equity with an MBA

Acquiring a job in a private equity (PE) firm is a dream career for most of the finance graduates owing to its attractive compensation...
Photo 2019-12-17 20 56 45 mod

How to Look Taller While Wearing Shoes

Do you want to appear taller than you currently are? Then you should consider going for Height Increasing Shoes as they are the easiest...
Actress Alexandra Bokova

Actress Alexandra Bokova on Her Impressive Performance in Mermaid Down

Meet Alexandra Bokova, the talented actress behind the mermaid in Mermaid Down, a fantasy thriller directed by Jeffrey Grellman about a mermaid pulled from...

Reasons To Wear Bodysuits Are The Best Thing Ever.

A bodysuit is a piece of clothing similar to a leotard or swim-suit. It is used to cover your torso and hips and often...