Friday, December 4, 2020

Aleeza Batool

Aleeza Batool is a seasoned journalist with nearly 4 years experience. While studying communication at the University of karachi, Aleeza found a passion for finding engaging stories. As a contributor to US Updates, Aleeza mostly covers health and entertainment stories.Aleeza also visiting Trainer at Axcore Training Academy.

Is Brooklyn Artist TrifeDrew the evolution of Hip-Hop

In the rap game there has been many hidden geniuses. One who comes off the top of the head would be Kanye West. The...

Florida rapper Dracovii is next up on the charts

When asking about places that have huge influence on the rap game Atlanta, New York and California are states often thrown around in that...

Bel-Air has a new Fresh Prince and his name is YungK

Let me introduce you to the new Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and no I’m not talking about Will Smith. The Bel-Air raised rapper Yung...
Vaping for Dummies

Vaping for Dummies Guide: Everything You Need to know

Wildly popular all over the United States, vaping is the hottest trend in the smoking world. If you want to try vaping but aren’t...
E-Commerce Store

10 Reasons Customers Won’t Buy from Your E-Commerce Store

First impressions are everything with e-commerce stores. If there is something even slightly wrong with your images, descriptions, links, or tone, buyers will find...
Custom Concealer Boxes

Top 5 Reasons to Use Custom Concealer Boxes

Today using custom printed boxes for various cosmetic products has become an unquestionable requirement for all beauty organizations in all corners of the globe....
Babbel APK for iOS

Hurrah! Is Babbel APK for iOS? Learnbabbel News

I’m not sure to make you a fool, but the babbel is about to become a million part of the member of that. Did...
Screen Printing on Plastic Bags

A Detail Guide to Screen Printing on Plastic Bags At Home

The Plastic bags have many ways to use and you can print anything or any design on them. The people all around are now...
custom boxing gloves

What Qualities Should The Best Custom Boxing Gloves Have?

If this is your time in boxing, then finding the right type of glove may seem like a daunting task. This is especially true...
Days Gone

“Days Gone” A New Upcoming And Amazing Game Or Much To Know About It!

Game lovers are be alert because “Days Gone” is coming out this year. And here we will explain to you much more about the...
This Is Us - Season 3

American Upcoming This Is Us Season 3 Airing On 5th March

Here we will talk about the “This is us” season 3. This show makes everyone cry because the story is so touching on so...
A Million Little Things Season 2

A Million Little Things Season 2 Star Cast Ans Release Date!

A Million Little Things honestly the show takes off a great way then it changes in ways. The people love the show and how...
Fresh Off The Boat Season 5

Fresh Off The Boat Season 5 Release Date and Further Details!

Here we will tell you about the release of “Fresh Off the Boat Season 5”. In previous parts, Jessica is playing a very funny...
The American Gods Season 3

The American Gods Season 3 Spoilers And Release Date!

Amazing! It is really fascinated by the storyline as it kept digging deeper into the gods of old. You would recommend this to everyone...
Roswell, New Mexico Episode 6

Roswell, New Mexico Episode 6: The Things That You May Not Know!

Here you will find the release date of upcoming Roswell New Mexico episode 6. That is airing each Tuesday.Previously, major fan of the original...