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"And leave his position, then is equal to leave the water of the fish, although still can survive, still strong, but once the loss of too much, want to restore the power of the position is very difficult.". Therefore, when you reach the realm of Jiezun, you seldom leave your position. Even if you leave, you often come back soon. If you can't come back, you will take the boundary stone of your world with you to maintain your own needs. For example, Zhenwei's storage bag is.. Hmm? Ahem, I didn't open it, but I'm sure there's a boundary stone inside. Red fire Hou just said here, look a little strange, he remembered the last time he closed his eyes to recover, the storage bag is not far away, but now it is gone. There is also a way to keep the Lord of the world at his peak anywhere, which is very simple and has been used by many people. The Lord of the world is the root of spiritual practice. Constantly get the recognition of one world after another, to take away one position after another belonging to others, when you get the five thousand realms, you can become the middle stage of the position, after the world is the late stage of the position. Gather the power of all realms, transform all realms into one, and completely repair one's own defects,Alumina Ceramic C795, and then it will become the great perfection of all realms. After the consummation, if you can take another step and give birth to a trace of plunder, it is the plunder of the moon. If you take another step and step into the peak, it is the plunder of the sun. "No matter how many worlds there are, the number of monks is not as large and the position is limited. That's why there are wars and the four realms invade the fifth realm." Su Ming suddenly opened his mouth. This is the answer that I can realize as I am in the realm of plundering the moon, but the answer I get is different in different positions. But in any case, if you want to become Jiezun, you have to kill,Kamado bbq grill, rob and seize. Red Fire Hou opened his mouth lightly, but the meaning of his words really revealed an undisguised cruelty. What is spiritual practice? To practice is to kill, to rob, and to seize. If you can kill people, you can rob others, and you can seize things that do not belong to you, then you are at the peak. If you can continue, you will naturally be at the peak. There are four great robbers in the four realms. The emperor of the Daochen Realm and the emperor of the Yin Holy Realm are all robbers. The reason why they are powerful is that they have the resources of the whole real world under their command, so that their practice is like the creation of heaven and earth. After the four robbers, there are four true ancestors, they are more terrible than the robbers of the old guy, the stars are too big, too many strong, even to the realm of the four true ancestors, still did not reach the peak. How about the birth and death of the palm edge? You sculpted the ancestors of the Hades in those years, and I, the emperor of the fifth true world, 7g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic Band Heater, also died of madness under the Xuan robbery. Clans are destroyed, although I do not know how you continue, but I think it must be you who shaped the ancestors of the Hades, who spent a great price in exchange for a ray of life for the continuation of the race. Su Ming breathed quickly, and the words of the Red Fire Hou made his mind roar. He thought of what the Second Elder Martial Brother had said about the couple who had been besieged by the whole Daochen Realm before the eternal years of Daochen Realm. Plastic. Ming.. Su Ming murmured. If you have a chance to return to the Fifth Realm in the future, you can go to your hometown, where it is easy to find, there is a Milky Way composed of stars in the starry sky, in that Milky Way.. There is a light blue Xiuzhen star, if it is still there, if it has not been destroyed with your race, you should be able to find it. (See the latest updated chapters, please search the book library on Baidu, or enter directly!)! t ) Please recommend the website to your friends! Your support is our motivation to update! Thank you The fourth volume rises the divine source chapter 790 all gives you. Chapter 790 "Did you just say that the ancestors of my clan had reached the birth and death of the palm of their hands?" Su Ming closed his eyes, and when he opened them after a while, his eyes were already calm. () This scene fell in the eyes of the Red Fire Hou, his expression showed admiration, can so quickly calm the mood, is undoubtedly one of the foundations of becoming a strong man. It can not be said that such mood control can certainly become the peak of the strong, but almost every peak of the strong, have this point. "The ancestor of your clan, the emperor of the fifth true world, was indeed the realm of birth and death, and we all believe that without that war, the emperor would have been able to transcend this realm and step into a mysterious peak." At the moment when the Red Fire Hou spoke of the emperor of the Fifth Realm, his eyes showed fanaticism. To practice is to kill, rob, and seize. Su Ming was silent for a while, and when he slowly opened his mouth, the pounding in his body became more and more intense, and his body slowly stood up from the cross-legged, and when he stood up completely, a strong breath burst out from Su Ming. This breath formed a whirlpool with Su Ming as the center and swept around. The bald crane, who was sleeping soundly beside him, opened his eyes and saw the whirlpool outside Su Ming's body. He breathed, muttered a few words, and then went back to sleep. Now that you have told me so much, I think there is a way for me to absorb enough power in this waste land of the divine source. Come on, I promise you my deal. Su Ming took a deep breath, raised his right hand and held it slowly in front of him, feeling the power coming from his palm. Forty years ago, his physical body had already reached the state of being able to resist the beginning of Tianxiu. Today, forty years later, although his physical body has not yet reached the peak of Tianxiu, it is not far away. You are a member of the Hades. But in my memory. The cultivation of the Hades is different from yours. You are on the wrong path. First of all, this body is not your real body. It is a person of the Hades. The real body is extremely important and is the foundation. Your real body. The Red Fire Hou hesitated for a moment and looked at Su Ming. My real body was sealed. I don't have enough practice to get my true body back now. Su Ming opened his mouth lightly. Sealed? Then it can also be understood as absolute security, the seal represents the inability or unwillingness to destroy, in this case, is relatively safe, but also need not worry too much. "Red Fire Hou's thinking is very strange, after a little hesitation, so said." Let's not talk about your real body first. The people of the Hades are good at dividing themselves. They repair their own defects in a simple and direct way,steatite c221, cultivating their souls with their real bodies. (Full-text novels are updated the fastest.) Cultivate the body, cultivate the rules, and cultivate the talent. What you lack. Go to take away what kind of doppelganger. global-ceramics.com

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