Attack on Titan Season 4: Why did Wit Studio Give up on next Season ?

Attack on Titan

These days, fans are enjoying Attack on Titan Season 3 part 2 which brings lots of fights, action, drama and story twists. This season is far from over, but fans are looking forward to next season. Today, I have got news about Attack on Titan Season 4.

Before I tell you all about the news, you should note that this post may contain official spoilers. So, if you are a person who doesn’t like spoiler, then you should switch to another post  on the website. In case you don’t care about spoiler and enjoy them , you can continue reading.

As we know that all seasons of Attack on Titan came straight from Wit Studio, even its staff is working on the upcoming episode of the Season 3. However, there is a bad new that Wit Studio won’t be working on Attack on Titan season 4.

Fans definitely don’t like to hear this news. Moreover, they want a reason. The staff has to meet the deadline and animators are working tirelessly on the new episodes of Season 3. They might not want to over-work anymore. T

herefore they give up Attack on Titan Season 4 project. Overworking seems like a good reason as animators behind the show have to meet the high expectations of the fans; they have to work and rework until characters look fantastic. It’s not easy to handle the animation project.

However, we don’t know whether this decision has been taken based on overworking reason or not. Wit Studio might have their good reasons to stop working on the upcoming season of the most popular animated tv show.

It is also possible that we get some surprising news about the new studio. Till then, stay tuned to get more updates..



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