Attack on Titan’ Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Release Date: Levy to Fight Eren and Mikasa?

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 13 Update, When Does It Come Out?

Attack on Titan’ Season 3

Attack On Titan is a manga series write down and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. As the fans are more excited to know about the next episodes after the half part of this anime. People like the previous episodes and anxious to know about the next season. The exact release date of Attach On Titan Season 3 Episode 13.

It is a good act by the team to have new episodes soon after a year. Previously, it will come back after a long period. But this time the Attack on Titan is returning back for its next new episodes. The main directors of this series are Tetsuro Araki and Koizuka.

What Is In It?

The Titans are the giant like tall and muscular characters of 3 to 15 meters. They do not need any type of food. They just attack and like to eat the humans on the sight.

The next and upcoming part of this anime show will bring much action and eye-catching shots. Fans are already attracted more towards this show. As previous episodes got a good rating by the viewers. And as a result, this good rating will make the team to release the second half of season 3 in this year.

The viewers thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced wit seasoned with occasional action and fight that passaged our attention through the tough parts.  It was light-hearted enough for the serious moments which balanced everything out. It has got critical success along with commercial success.

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When It Will Be Coming Out?

It will be a very exciting and anticipated moment when the third season end. The fans are crazy to see what will happen in the next season. Therefore it is finally announced that the next part of season 3 will be coming out on 29th April 2019. And it carries amazing and astonishing star cast. They will be the main reason for the successful version of this anime series.

Who Is In It?

You can see the following staff in the upcoming part of season 3. The Script Supervisor will be the Yasuko Kobayashi. The Character Designer is Kyoji Asano. The Assistant director of next part is Hiroyuki Tanaka. Kyoji Asano and Satoshi Kadowaki will chair as the Chief Animation Directors. And the last one is Hiroyuki Sawano working as a composer.

Attack on Titan Trailer

Here you can have a look for its teaser trailer to get some ideas about the full episode.



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