Arrow season 8: Release Date and All Major Updates from TCA Summer Press!

Arrow Season 8

Arrow season 8 will end and live eternity in the hearts of its fans. It would be the last installment. Moreover, fans want to know about the fate of Oliver Queen, which known as Green Arrow.

The leading star, Stephen Amell, stated that the last e=season would be a happy ending. he also gave the same statement at comic Con international panel
“Arrow has a happy ending.”

Beth Schwarts, the executive producer, revealed a piece of news for the fans at the Television Critics Association press. He said Arrow season 8 would happen in the original timeline on Earth-1 that is parallel universe from several other piles of earth. A place where we can travel from one to another alternate planet.

One of the important news is that The CW announced the entry of Russian Doll star Charlie Barnett. He will appear as John Diggle and Lyla Michael’s flashpoint born son. Moreover, the joining of Katherine McNamara as Mia and joseph as Conner Haeke will appear in the eight seasons.

In the seventh season finale, the monitor appeared at the safe house of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Meanwhile, in the past, Emerald Archer made a deal with the monitor. Well, he will save the lives of the Flash and Supergirl.

Arrow season 8 will pick up a week after the finale of the seventh season. The eight seasons will see Oliver leaving Felicity and Mia by themselves. Moreover, Oliver will spend the whole season in traveling the multiverse.

Well, he will warn all other coming crisis. Besides the finale of the seventh season confirmed that Green Arrow would die in the upcoming crisis on Infinite earth.

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The season eight will end with a happy ending. It looks Oliver will ditch his fate. Moreover, he will change his destiny and escape his death. That’s why everyone is hoping for the Happy ending.

Arrow season 8 will release on 15 October 2019 on The CW. Fans are waiting for such a long time because they want to know What will green arrow do for saving the earth and himself. We hope more spoilers will come so we’ll update you about all the details.


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