Are you sure your car needs repair


Due to rising prices, some motorists want to get rid of their cars by trying to repair it. At the same time, there are problems with which it is easier to sell the car than to spend money on its repair. How do you answer the question, “is it worth repairing your car“? We’ve compiled a list of concerns that cost a car owner too much.

Thus, it is better to sell the car without repairing it after severe accidents with damaged spars, ribs, bumpers, and others. If the geometry of the body is damaged, it would be better to sell the car for the minimum price or for parts.

In the case of engine issues in modern cars, a repair can cost a lot of money, the same applies to the automatic transmission, pres elective “work” or variation.

Table of Contents

Damage not worth fixing

  1. A deformed roof signals that the entire body is warped. If there are no visual changes, contact a repairman.
  2. A deformed sidewall where the doors are attached.  In peacetime, this can be fixed, but in the firing conditions, the full repair will not be available for a long time.
  3. The door won’t close. If the door does not fit the opening, then the power frame of the body is deformed. Restoration is cost-effective only in the case of expensive cars. If the car is on the move, you can safely continue operation.
  4. Holes on the body from bullets and shrapnel. They are difficult to fix, but if important systems are intact, you can continue to drive.
  5. Fire. If the fire engulfed the engine compartment and adjacent areas, the car cannot be repaired. If the back part of a car was damaged, you may theoretically weld another back part to the body. Whether it is expedient is up to you to decide.
  6. Physically damaged engine (cylinder block with head). It is necessary to change the engine. If the block is intact, it is possible to replace the attachment.
  7. It is theoretically possible to repair a car in each of the specified cases. But how much it is justified, everyone should decide. 

In what cases, a car may be easily repaired

  1. The broken windows. An auto may look apocalyptic, but replacing the windows will not be crippling. You can install used glass.
  2. Bullet holes and small pieces of shrapnel on the body. The attachments can be replaced completely. Repair is not an easy task, but impossible. It is up to the experts to evaluate the damage.
  3. Dented body panels. Fenders, hoods, and doors can get dented due to the blast wave or debris. In spite of this, your car will be able to move. And it is very expensive to repair deformed joints”
  4. JunkCarsUs often see in their practice a broken bumper, lights, and radiator shell. If only outer fittings are damaged, your car can still work.
  5. Punctured radiators. It will take a few hours to replace the radiator. It is important to shut off the engine so that it does not jam from overheating.


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