5 Innovative Approaches To working with corrupted videos

working with corrupted videos

Video files are an important part of all of our lives. In some way or another, we record our life’s journey in the form of video and it is really important to keep it safe. But due to certain mistakes on our part, our video files may end up getting corrupted and we won’t be able to play them on our devices.

However, you shouldn’t worry much because there are many 5 Innovative Approaches To working with corrupted videos and fix your video files:

  1. You should try to transfer the file again

If you are a professional videographer or a movie maker, you definitely have to share your video files with your clients or interviewers quite often. Even if you are not a professional, there are many instances when you have to share your video files with other devices. While transferring video files may appear like a simple task, one that can be completed with a few clicks, it actually is a quite complex process.

You have to ensure that the file transfer is smooth and there are no disruptions like shutdowns. If you don’t take care of this, your files may get corrupted and the receiver won’t be able to play them. If you’ve just transferred a file and notice that it is corrupted, you should transfer the file once again from the source, this time without any problems during the process.

In most cases, you will see that doing this will restore the file and the recipient will be able to play it on their device.

  1. Download the files again

All of us love downloading videos over the net. Whether it is a movie we like or a music video of our favourite songs, we visit a lot of sites in order to download those videos. It is not difficult to download a video, but just like with transferring of files, downloading is also a complex process. A strong internet connection is a must for smooth download of your videos. If your internet connection is weak, the files will not download properly and will end up getting corrupted.

If your internet connection is unstable and is being disrupted repeatedly while downloading a video, the file has a high chance of getting corrupted. Such a file will not play on your computer. You can simply try to download such a file again. But you have to make sure that you have access to a strong internet connection or you might get a corrupted file all over again.

  1. Try converting your files

This is one of the simplest tricks in the box and is still quite effective. Very often, the video files won’t play on your device simply because they are not coded in the right format, which leads them to appear corrupted. Simply converting the file to another format might do the trick and help you fix your broken video file.

It is also often the case that the video file is not actually broken, rather, your media player doesn’t support the file format. There are dozens of file formats and just as many media players. You cannot expect all media players to play all formats.

That’s why, if your file appears corrupted, your first step should always be to check if your media player even supports the file format. If it doesn’t, you should convert the file to a format your player does support and your work will be done.

And if your file’s format is supported by the player, still it’s not playing, you should try converting it to some other format before playing it again. If your file still doesn’t play, try the other points mentioned here.

  1. Use the VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players present. It is widely used by people who use the Windows OS. It has many features that tip the scales in its favor but did you know that it also doubles up as a free video repair software? That’s right, it’s not often talked about but VLC has an inbuilt video repair feature that helps fix simpler problems in video files.

The file format of your video won’t matter because it even has a file converter that can convert videos of any format to the AVI format before fixing them, thus, also saving you the trouble of installing a software that converts file formats.

  1. Use the best video repair software

This should be a pretty basic point given that using free video repair tools is a sure shot way to fix your videos no matter how broken it is. But, most people tend to try and fix their video files on their own or by using freeware like VLC. While these options would be fine to repair files that are not corrupted severely, if your files have complex problems, the other methods won’t fix them.

Only a video repair software can help you do that. You should use a free mp4 repair software like Wondershare to ensure that you recover your damaged files. You can download the Wondershare video repair software free here. Here you can get video repair software full version free download too. If you use some other software, make sure that it is a reputable one otherwise your file will deal a lot more damage than it already has and you will probably never be able to access your videos again.

If your video files ever get corrupted again, just remember these five innovative ways and you will be able to easily fix and recover your video files.


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