Anushka Sharma Severely Condemned

Anushka Sharma Bollywood actress severely condemned the rape cases of Kthua and also Unnao. She is recently busy in the shooting of upcoming “Zero” movie. Anushka and Shahrukh Khan are the leading actors in this film.

The actress Anushka Sharma said, the people involved in rape cases must be given severe punishment. She fully condemns in support of giving severe punishment to people who assault kids and children. She wants people to involve in Kathua, Unnao rapes must be severely punished as soon as possible. Further, she also said, such cases shouldn’t appear in any case.

Anushka also strongly reacted to the Jammu Kashmir eight year girl rape. She said perpetrators involved in this case must be given severe punishment. More, she also supported the Government ordinance passed for the stringent and severe punishment to rapists.

On the rape cases of Uttar Pradesh, Unnao, and Jammu, Kathua, Amid national outrage. Two days ago the Union Cabinet cleared the amendment of criminal law ordinance 2018. According to this law, the punishment of rapist must be minimum twenty years life or death. Rape under 12 years age girls punishment is a severe death. Ram Nath Kovind President has promulgated the death punishment penalty to rapists.

Bollywood actress Anushka said, on the ordinance, she like others deeply hurt because of such incident in the country. Further, she also said like other, she is mentally disturbed and becomes emotional. She said when she thinks of these rape cases, she becomes extremely emotional and also feels disgust on such happening. On these rape cases, she also gave her statement of giving severe punishment to involve people.

She said, as a human being, it is the worst thing to do with the innocent child. More, she also said, she is 1000% in support of giving severe punishment to rapists.

Other Bollywood celebrities are also in support of giving severe punishment to rapists. Naseeruddin Shah, in the evening timing at the launch of Hope Aur Hum movie trailer, said it is very wrong to happen such rape cases in our country.

Naseeruddin Shah

Shahrukh also said, these rape cases are in discussion and thought of people. This could case to correct the mindset of people. He said such horror cases are happening but these two are being reported. These cases reporting is good to stop such happening in the country.

In short, Bollywood celebrities are against such rapist. They are supporting to give severe punishment to rapists to stop such crimes in the society.

Aleeza Batool
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