Android Games That You Can Play Using the Keyboard


Mobile games for Android in recent years have surprised with their rapid evolution. Developers create entire metaverses with interesting characters and realistic landscapes on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. However, sometimes players prefer to use a keyboard, mouse, or larger screen in mobile games. To meet these requirements, companies are working to ensure that their product is cross-platform or allows you to connect a keyboard or joystick to an Android.

The Most Popular Mobile Games With Keyboard Support


  1. Among Us. You can download an Android emulator (e.g., BlueStacks). Although the game was originally created for touch controls, installing the app will allow you to easily play the mobile version of Among Us on your PC using a mouse and keyboard. This game also has an account sync system. If you play on both PC and smartphone without using an emulator, your progress in the game is saved on all platforms you use.


  1. Fortnite Battle Royale. For Android smartphones and tablets, developers do not allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse directly. You can do this, but doing so will likely result in a ban as it is considered cheating. However, you only need an Epic Games account to switch between all the platforms you play on and save your progress. This mobile game is constantly updated, so consider Fortnite Android download.


  1. PUBG Mobile. The developer offers players several ways to support the keyboard for the mobile version. An emulator, a special adapter (OTG / USB HUB), or Bluetooth connects the keyboard directly to your Android smartphone or tablet. Experienced players recommend using a keyboard with a large number of buttons.


  1. Asphalt 9: Legends. The developer allows you to use an emulator or mirroring for keyboard control. Although smartphone control is convenient, playing on the keyboard is a special pleasure. Plus, the realistic locations of these popular races look even better on the big screen.


  1. FIFA Mobile. Using an emulator or mirroring allows you to play more efficiently. The auto mode only uses the computer mouse, but you can also play using the keyboard or joystick. However, this will not give you an advantage over other players in the mobile version because there is a separate server for those who use the emulator.


You can also play the keyboard in the following games:


  • Game for Peace;
  • Madden NFL Mobile;
  • Call of Duty Mobile;
  • Earn To Die;
  • Riptide Gp2;
  • Asphalt 8.


Those players who have Windows 10 or 11 will soon be able to play Android games on their PC without using additional apps. The company is currently testing the Google Play Games program for computers. 

Enjoy Games With a Keyboard 

Companies are trying to make their product universal to remain competitive. Therefore, soon we will see even more cross-platform mobile games and opportunities for connecting a keyboard or joystick to Android devices.

What keyboard do you use for Android games?


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