American Teen Series ” Euphoria” official trailer 2019

Euphoria trailer

A new trailer of Euphoria released and lots of loud whispering. Just look at the official new trailer of Euphoria 2019. So you can guess what is coming further. It is original HBO series and the first episode of the series released on 16 January 2019.

As you know Euphoria is an American teen drama and adaption of Israel mini-series. it follows the story of high school students who navigate their drug, sex, identity, and friendship.

Moreover, The story focuses on the troubled life of 17-year-old Rue. She is a drug addict fro rehab and no plans to stay clean.

There is Jules in Rue’s circle, who is a transgender girl and searching for where she belongs. Another character is Nate, who looks angry due to sexual insecurities. Moreover, Chris, a football star and finds the adjustment from high school to college.

Besides, Cassie, whose sexual history continues to dog her and Kat a conscious teenager and explore her sexuality.

Classmates struggle for their future and tackle the teenager landscape enhanced parties and anxiety day to day with empathy and candor.


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