American Drama Thriller Movie The “Bird Box” Review

Bird Box movie

This movie is surprisingly excellent with the great talent of the actors and with this apocalyptic novelty. It captures the attention of the viewer from beginning to end. This film is one of the interesting films ever released in November 2018. All the stars are performing well and showing the actual reality through their gestures.

Bird Box finally born contains alternative following of kinds online. In short, the Susanne Bier-helmed film follows Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) as she tries to avoid death by the hand of mysterious monsters.

Just like The Happening or A Quiet Place, the monsters within the world of Bird Box drive individuals to kill upon sight. Owing to that, the characters strive on the road with blindfolds on in order that they do not lock eyes with the creatures. Bird Box is an imaginative show of Chris Morgan, Barbara Muschietti, Scott Stuber, Dylan Clark, and Clayton reformist. Whereas, the Oscar-nominated Eric Heisserer is the scriptwriter of the Bird Box.

Seems kind of dumb to blindfold yourself, you’d be an easy target. Also what if your worst fear is not in the physical form? My worst fear is rejection? Will that creature keep showing me beautiful women telling me no.

Anthony Larsen Books are almost always more gruesome than films, they can get away with anything really whereas film production companies water down to violence to make it more palatable in order to make maximum profits. So, blindfolding yourself to prevent yourself from seeing ‘something’ that will drive you mad/homicidal seems like a very smart thing.

It was interesting and definitely worth watching.



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