Amber Marchese Joins Growing Number of Public Figures Questioning Mask Mandates, Continued School Closures

Amber Marchese Joins

Celebrity businesswoman Amber Marchese joins stats to question COVID-19 mandates

“Measures meant to protect the community are ineffective if they hurt people in that community”, Amber recently shared on Twitter. On top of this, Amber Marchese isn’t the only one questioning the recent mask mandates being passed in multiple states. While some scientists believe that COVID-19 is airborne, the World Health Organization has made it clear that airborne transmission plays only a limited role in the spread of the novel coronavirus. Instead, the WHO states that the main cause of infection is close contact with other infected family members.

Some states, such as California and Texas have rolled back reopening plans, once again shuttering businesses for fear that the pandemic will get out of control. Families around the nation are questioning if schools will return to normal in August/September as education systems consider the possibility of school shifts, mandated masks on the school premises, and virtual learning. Amber Marchese points out that a lot of the hysteria surrounding these suggestions is nothing but a false sense of security.

Statistics clearly show that the COVID-19 mortality rate for school-age children is less than that of the flu. “We are social beings,” Amber notes, making clear her disdain for New Jersey politicians who are misusing their powers to issue draconian edicts that would cut children off from needed companionship. However, as government officials in liberal states are unlikely to allow schools to reopen freely, Amber has now decided to homeschool her two kids. “I always wanted to go back to homeschooling my children for so long, but never wanted to take the leap of faith until COVID gave me the push I needed,” she notes. As a businesswoman with her own company to run, one can imagine that it takes a lot of effort to take on a secondary role as a homeschool mom. However, Amber is not only rising to the challenge of homeschooling but also offering advice to other moms considering the same course of action.

Amber Marchese has always been a fighter for personal rights and freedom. Given that information, it’s not surprising that she is openly questioning the mask mandate in her native New Jersey. Furthermore, Amber Marchese joins towards September, questioning those who are calling for restrictions on interactions between children in a normal school setting and instead promoting homeschool as a viable alternative to a broken public school system. 

Amber Marchese is only one among many others questioning the extreme measures taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and if the government has the authority to take control over the personal lives of hundreds of millions of people.


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