“Altered Carbon” Season 2 On Netflix? Release Date, Cast, And More!

“Altered Carbon” Season 2 On Netflix? Release Date, Cast, And More!


Finally, it is announced that the Lela Loren will appear in Altered Carbon Season 2. And you will see this season 2 in 2020 on Netflix. Lela Loren was busy in some drama shooting “Power of the Starz”. And the series will be going to an end after completing the sixth season.

Altered Carbon is a great sci-fi series. This is probably one of the most sensible and logically true sci-fi T.V series ever made. Based on the novel written by Richard K. Morgan in the year 2002. This series delivers you the experience to be in an era where the human race has achieved one of his most desired cravings, other than sex, which is to be immortal.

Just to give you the basic idea of the series. This series set in a time far away in the future where human’s beings are calling themselves ‘Gods’ as they achieved immortality. As it is mentioned before.

In order to be an immortal, according to the series, humans are using an electronic chip. Like a device which they call ‘Stack’ which basically stores all the human consciousness into itself. When a person dies. They use that stack which has stored that person’s consciousness. And placed it in an artificially made human body which they call ‘Sleeves’ and voilà. The person is back from death.

Now talking about cinematography.  As you will see almost all of the shots in the series are shoot in presence of the green screen and tons of VFX. Netflix has done a superb job creating such an amazing futuristic environment. The casting of the series is also really good with lots of unfamiliar faces in the industry.

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