All about the Price Guide Of a Mermaid Tail! How Much Does an Adult Mermaid Cost?

    All about the Price Guide Of a Mermaid Tail! How Much Does an Adult Mermaid Cost?

    The cost of the Mermaid tail is different with distinct stuff, prices of the Mermaid tail are simulated by different factors like size, design, and material used in a Mermaid tail. 

    However, a rough estimate of the cost is between 60$ —- 200$. As we told you that it is all about stuff and size, the most cutting-edge silicone Mermaid tail costs from 1300$—5000$.

    Here are some factors which we want to discuss with you which are highly affecting the cost of Mermaid Tail like Monofin, manufacturing, material, size, and the manufacturer too.


    Material Used for Mermaid tail

    • Fabric Tail 
    • Silicon Tail 
    • Monofin Tail

    How a Mermaid Tail is made?

    Size cost

    Mermaid Tail makers

    What Material you should watch for a Mermaid tail?


    Material Used For Mermaid Tail.

    Different Mermaid tail makers use Different Materials to make Mermaid tails. There are 3 different materials: fabric Mermaid tail, Silicone tail, and Hybrid tail.

    Fabric Tail 

    These Mermaid tails are cheap and easy to make among others. In Fabric Mermaid Tail Different waterproof materials are used like polyester, nylon, spandex, neoprene, and Scuba Knit.


    Most will cost,  

    Cheaper one costs between 50 USD—- 200 USD.

    The most expensive one of fabric-made Mermaid tails is above 500 USD.

    Aqua-Mermaid Fabric Tail will cost you 100 USD.

    Silicone Tails

    Silicone Mermaid tails are much more expensive than Fabric mermaid tails due to the expensive cost of the material. The Labor cost Of Silicone Mermaid Tail also makes it more expensive. 

    The work on Silicone is a bit more difficult than on fabric work. Different molds and several components are mixed together to form a Silicone Mermaid tail.

    Silicone Mermaid Tail is followed by a lengthy process.


    Starts from 1300 USD and Goes up to 5000 USD.

    Aqua-Mermaid Tail costs around 1400 USD

    There are some price-affecting factors in the Silicone Mermaid tail that we think we must share with you e.g. 

    • Tail maker’s Skills(Skilled worker cost)
    • Number of colors used in Mermaid tail
    • Customization of the silicone Mermaid Tail
    • Additionally accessorized with Fins on the hips, ankles, and on back.

    However, some Silicone Mermaid tails are cheaper too. The application of Neoprene fabric with Silicone makes some Silicone Mermaid tails cheap. Neoprene with fabric offers the same high-quality finishing but it is difficult to dive deeper with neoprene.


    Every type of Mermaid tail’s important part is the swimming fin; these fins are also called monofin. In most of the fabric Mermaid tails Monofins can be removed. Isn’t it good and enjoyable? Yes, of course, removed monofins are easier to dry and wash.

    In silicone tails, monofins cannot be removed. A cheap fabric tail comes with plastic monofins. Plastic Monofins tend to break. A flexible monofin like rubber or semi-flexible plastic, not brake is said to be Durable.

    All the monofin does not fit in all fabric tails.


    These monofins are ranging from 30 USD to 150 USD.

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    Aquamonofnis Mermaid tails are for 60 USD.

    How a Mermaid Tail is Made?

    Are you thinking that Mermaid tails are handmade or manufactured?

    Handmade stuff is always more costly than machine-made stuff because it requires a lot of effort and struggles while machine-made isn’t pretty hard.

    Cost of a manufactured material: 50 USD—-500USD

    Handmade Mermaid tails: 1000 USD—– 5000USD

    Handmade tails are totally individually sewn that’s why they cost much more than manufactured Mermaid tails.

    Price Chart of Different Mermaid Tails

    Mermaid and merman Tails are accessories that different people use to accessorize themselves, these tales are inspired by the idea of swimming like a real fish and also the idea of a fish that has a half body like humans.

    Tails             Price

    Nature                         300$

    Amethyst                     500$

    Urchin                         800$

    Pond                          1500$

    Fiercest                      2500$

    Purest                        2500$

    Elegant Sapphire       3,250

    Candy Sweet             3500$

    Passionate               3500$

    Fire Rubies              4000$

    Shy                          4000$

    Royal of the Ocean 4,500$

    Barbie                      5500$

    Blue World               5500$

    Littlest Mermaid       7500$

    Evil and Nice    8000$

    Darkest             8500$

    Cotton candy    9000$

    Popular            10,000$

    Neon                12000$

    Let’s Discuss Mermaid Tails Size!

    Not the same prices are charged for the same size; some companies charge less for kids while other charges more, in the same manner, some charge more for adults and less for kids.

     It is a common rule, an extra fee for extra large sizes and less for small sizes.

    We will provide you with a size chart of Mermaid Tails, then you are able to calculate your size.

          Size                         waist in Inches                  waist in cm

          Small                           23—-26                              56—-66

        Medium                         27—–30                             67—-77

         Large                            31—–35                              78—-90

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         X-large                          34—–40                             88—102

    Mermaid Tail Makers

     After becoming trendy, Mermaid tails are becoming more and more demanding. Are you thinking Mermaid tail-making is boring and wearing is fun? Then you are not right at all!

    Mermaid tail makers enjoy their work too; Mermaid tail making and wearing is fun in itself.

    Not all the tail makers made quality stuff; there are more scammers than good workers.

     Some Mermaid tail makers made cheap Mermaid tails with low-quality stuff.

    While buying a Mermaid tail online not only focus on Pictures but make sure of the quality. There are tails with high cost, made with quality materials 

    • Always try to buy from a trustworthy brand
    • Read all the reviews before making a purchase
    • Focus on the pros and cons and do more research

    What to Watch For Before Buying a Mermaid Tail?

    What to Watch For Before Buying a Mermaid Tail?

    Some points you should consider before buying because it is a matter of fun and desire:

    • Try to Buy trendy Tail( 3D printed tails) in the market
    • Compare prices of Different Stuff
    • Must check your size
    • Try to consult with other Buyers
    • Get help from the shopkeeper

    No matter what you are buying, it is our responsibility to inform you of the latest Knowledge.

    How much is a Mermaid’s tail worth?

    As we mentioned all about Mermaid tails, prices are different in size, material, and stuff. The Fabric Mermaid tail for youngsters is between 60$ and 200$. However, if you are looking for the most advanced Mermaid tail (Silicone) you can expect a price from 1300$ to 5000$.

    How much does a realistic Mermaid tail cost?

    A realistic cost in between different figures, like it may cost between 100$ and to 500$. The more realistic the more price. Some manufacturers sold it at a high cost due to high labor costs and enduring materials.

    How much does a silicone Mermaid tail cost?

    Silicone tails are considered the best material tail and trending too, full silicone tail starts from 4200$ with all accessories (Fins) however, these tales are made as per order. In Silicone Mermaid tails monofins are built into the tail, Monofin are best for excellent speed and ease in the water.

    How much is an amethyst Mermaid’s tail worth?

    It costs 500$ to less, you can get help from the above-mentioned price Chart. 

    How much diamonds are Mermaid tails worth?

    Mermaid tail is a trending accessory now even not only these tails are just for females or kids, these Tails are designed for men too they are called Merman Tails but there are some dissimilarity between both accompaniments. A diamond’s Mermaid tail may be worth 5500 prices (Diamonds).



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