alexa intruder alert

Since the first release of this product in the year, 2014 many people have fallen in love with
alexa intruder alert. Almost every developed household has one installed to help in performing various tasks or services you command it to do.

Amazon Alexa, or as many refer to it as just Alexa, is a feature that is growing in popularity, and soon many people cannot live without it. So, what is an Alexa for those who don’t have a clue yet? Alexa is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant that you can set up in your home to assist you with some tasks.

There are a bunch of awesome things that you can do with the Alexa with just the original stuff it’s meant to do. Also, since it’s artificial intelligence, you can add skills to it or use some developed by third party companies.

So what can Alexa do?

As we have said, Alexa can perform a whole lot of things; one thing that stands out is the fact that it offers voice interaction. Yes, voice interaction, you can interact with Alexa by7, asking questions, or just inquiring about anything you want on the internet.

The more you interact with Alexa, the more its skill grows, and the more it recognizes the voice. Alexa can play music, and you can make a to-do list with this virtual assistant, get information about the weather, and also set alarm systems. There are a lot of possibilities that have come at your fingertips from just having this Amazon technology. 


Home security is an issue in many neighborhoods, and it does not matter if you live in the safest part of town or a tough one. If you happen to not be at home most times, you will need an alarm system to scare off the buglers who are trying to break into your home. The good thing about Alexa is it has an intruder alert feature that instantly informs you when there is a break-in. 

So, how do you get the Alexa intruder alert feature? To be able to protect your home with the Alexa, you will need to configure the device to be able to perform the function of scaring off buglers. To set up the Alexa intruder feature, you will need to use the in-built Guard of your Alexa device.

Guard is a feature built-in to the Alexa device that helps in keeping your home safe from fire, break-ins, and even carbon monoxide alarms. If your Alexa device detects these dangers, it will then send some alerts to your phone, and you can send some help or any way of response. 

Setting up the Alexa intruder feature is so simple all you need is your smartphone and the Alexa app.

On the settings menu, you will need to navigate to the Guard feature where you can begin setting it up. The set-up is just as simple as you follow the instructions, and you will be okay.

There are several options in Guard that you will need to enable to ensure total safety in your home. The first is the smoke and CO alarms, which will allow you to listen to beeping alarms if there is a fire outbreak in your home. Glass breaking is an alert you would like to get if there is an intruder who breaks into your house through the window.

Alexa is efficiently programmed in a way to be able to detect all the different sounds of glass, which is essential if it determines a break-in. There are alarm alerts that you can choose, and after that, you can then confirm the set-up.


After finishing setting it up, the Alexa intruder alert feature will now be ready to help secure your home from any danger.

You can integrate your Alexa with some security systems like Ring or ADT, which you can forward them the alerts if your home is not safe. When you are not in the house, you can tell Alex,” I’m leaving,” and Alexa will automatically go into Away mode. When Guard is in Away mode, Alexa will start monitoring any kind of sound that is not familiar in the house.

If, for example, there is a glass break-in, the Alexa will send you an alert. You are the one who decides the kind of sound you want Alexa to be able to detect while doing the setup, and it will do its job. This is all enabled by the technology that Alexa uses, like the one that makes it detect the wake word. If you have a big house, you must have an echo in a room that you want to detect any break-in, and the Alexa intruder alert feature will correctly do its job. 

Also, the Alexa intruder feature can allow you to use smart lights that need to connect to smart plugs. During setup, you can decide on which lights you want to choose to work while in Away mode. While in Away mode, Alexa will automatically turn on the smart lights on and off to create the illusion that you are home. Not only does it turn the lights on and off, but the Alexa will determine the right activity of your house lighting to be able to create the right illusion.

This Alexa intruder alert feature is so amazing, and it offers you full control of your home. If you have the response security systems integrated, then there is a high chance you can be able to dispatch the immediate response, and this will ensure you are safe from intruders.



The one thing that Alexa in your home is the ability to have everything automated. Can you imagine playing music by just a command of a word? Pretty awesome, right? The advancement of technology has made things look so easy, and if the forefathers wake up right now, they will be astonished by the disruption of these technologies. One good thing about the feature of home automation is that it helps save a lot of time.

If you just want to switch off the lights manually, you would probably be wasting some time compared to commanding Alexa to do it. Also, with the Alexa intruder alert feature, you are sure that you can automatically keep your home safe. Unlike in old times where you needed security guards to protect your home, you can now use this feature to monitor your home from wherever you are at. 


With an Alexa, you can get any update you want. If you happen to be a sports guy, you can ask Alexa to give you all the updates concerning sports on a daily basis, and you won’t be left behind. There are hundreds of hundreds of updates that you can easily get by just asking Alexa, and within no time you have the information. This feature is essential compared to just going online on your own and trying to search the info or even reading a newspaper, which can be time-consuming. 


This is the primary feature and a feature that Alexa works around. Alexa listens to what you are requesting it to do, and it will respond with the command you give it. If, for example, with the Alexa intruder alert feature, you can tell Alexa you are leaving, and it will immediately provide the command to Guard.

The ability to have this feature on Alexa is essential as you can have much done by giving out some commands, and it will flawlessly execute them. Alexa also continues to learn every time you continue interacting with it, and its skills continue improving.  



The one main advantage of having an Alexa is that you don’t have to interact with the device to input commands physically. If you are anywhere and the Alexa is around, you can ask it anything you want, and it will execute the commands.

That’s all that is needed a voice of commands, and all else is taken care of. When you are leaving your house, you can inform Alexa you are leaving, and it will command Guard, and it will execute the Alexa intruder alert feature. Also, if you want a recipe for some food, you can just ask for it from Alexa, and it will give you the recipes for the meal you want to cook.


Since Alexa is increasing in popularity these days, many households have these devices. The one thing that makes it stand out is the fact that you can easily make a call to anyone who has the device in their home. This is an advantage as it only requires an internet connection, and you will not incur carrier charges.


The other advantage of Alexa is that you can easily make plans and to-do lists on the go. You can create this list by just commanding Alexa to create it. From there, you can add all the things that you want to do, and the list will be generated. If you finish with the plans or the things you are supposed to do, you can then check them off or delete them.



One disadvantage with the Alexa intruder alert feature is that you can sometimes experience fake alerts of home invasions. This can happen often, and it’s a result of people trying to attack your system or just a phony alert sent to you. When the Ring first came, there was a significant issue with cyber-attacks, and it was a serious issue for the people who owned the technology.


The other drawback of having Alexa is that you are not entirely safe as you don’t know where your information goes. Amazon, for so many years, has had an issue with the public who keep inquiring where their data goes. There is speculation that Amazon retains all the recordings of the user. Also, there is a possibility that other people can access all the conversations you have with Alexa, which is something you don’t want.


The one thing that is definite with using the Amazon Alexa is that you will need the internet. The Echo itself requires so much internet data, and that means you need to spend so much money on data. Data plans are expensive, and if you want unlimited internet, then that means you will need to spend more, which is at the end very expensive.


The Alexa intruder alert feature is so amazing, and it can help in scaring off buglers and prevent break-ins in your home. The feature is easy to set up, and the commands are simple, and you are set to go. If you don’t usually spend the most time at home, then you must get your hands on this device. Not only can you scare buglers with the device, but it can give you alerts also if your house is on fire. If you integrate smart lights, you can easily create the illusion you are at home, and no bugler will step foot at your home.   


How do you set up the Alexa intruder alert feature?

You can easily set up the intruder feature on Alexa using Guard. Guard is a feature integrated into Alexa to help protect your home. You can access it on the settings menu, and setting it up is so easy by enabling the alarm sound you want to get alerts for. After setting up, the Guard will now be up, and it will start protecting your home.

How do I get the intruder alerts?

If there is an intrusion on your home, you will be able to get alerts on your phone. The alters will be displayed on the Guard section of your Alexa app, where you can listen to the recordings and even delete them.

How does Alexa work with alarm systems?

There are alarm systems that Alexa works with to ensure your home is kept safe. Alexa works with the Ring alarm system and ADT, whichever you prefer. If there is a bugler in your home, you can request dispatch of emergency responders to handle the situation. 



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