Aggretsuko Season 2

Netflix always surprises its viewers with different entertainment series like an action thriller, comedy, animated series. Well, Netflix is producing original comedy animated series.

Netflix released original set series Aggretsuko in its 2018 Expo. Moreover, now Aggetsuko season 2 is coming. here you can get its release date and everything that you want to know.

When Aggretsuko Season 2 is coming?

Netflix brings original comedy animated series, Aggrestsuko in December 2017. The writer and director were Rarecho by Fanworks.

The first season released all over the world on 20 April 2018. The first season was consist of ten episodes. Well, now Aggretsuko season 2 in on the way and people are excited to see Netflix’s original series.

Therefore, it is predicted that the second season will be on the table in the late April or early May 2019.

What is the story of Aggretsuko?

As all of you know, Sanrio is a well-known company in Japan. The company is famous for Hello Kitty as well as cute mascot characters. Sanrio creates Aggrestsuko that first time appeared in the animated show which aired on TBS television.

The story of this animated series follows a twenty-five years old, Aggressive Retsuko red panda. He is single and works in an accounting department in the trading firm of Japan. Aggretsuko feels frustrated due to annoying co-workers.

Moreover, after passing years, Aggretsuko put her job in jeopardy and forced her to shift new relations with co-workers. But it was an unexpected way of changing her life.

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So here is the trailer, see and enjoy it.

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