Advantages Of A EMS Hips Trainer

EMS Hips Trainer

Round butts and hips have become quite trendy, and many ladies are doing all they can to give themselves that perfect female physic. Gyms are going crazy with squats, lunges, and other butt enhancement workouts. Some of these workouts result in sores and excruciating pain from muscle contractions. Thanks to technological innovation, women now have an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) hip trainer with electrical impulses that stimulate the gluteal muscles such that they contract and relax as if you’re exercising. The device helps to give you toned, tightened, and firm hips, buttocks, thighs, and lower abdominal muscles. 

 How Does it Work? 

With a simple press of an electronic button, this device will help to stimulate your hips and butts, making them firmer and shapelier. So, if you aren’t confident about your flat or less symmetrical butt, this butt lifting EMS hips trainer will help you have the popped figure you’re craving to have. 

You might be one of those torturing themselves with endless squats, lunges, and workouts in the name of getting a rounded butt and hip muscles. Well, this dream-body device comes as the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Benefits of using the Ems Hips Trainer

  • ?U-Shaped Pad: The design of the device pads is U- shape so that it can hide certain regions of the buttocks and hips while the stimulator strengthens the muscles.
  • ?Electrical Stimulation: With the help of an electrical stimulator, the device stimulates buttocks and hip muscles such that you don’t have to do the usual exhausting squats and lunges or whatever strenuous hip and butt-related workout you might have been doing. 
  • ?User-friendliness: It’s an easy-to-use device that makes building your butt muscles so simple and effective. Everyone adores a hassle-free process in whatever thing they do, and this hip trainer is manufactured with that in mind. Using it more often helps to tone your muscles such that, that perfect shape will start showing up sooner. Ease of use also means that the device doesn’t come with complex manuals or too many supportive devices.
  • ?Easy Accessibility: This device is the most popular brand on the market right now. Many people have used it, and many more want to use it in place of the traditional gym workouts. 

Disadvantages of Using the EMS Hips Trainer

  • ?There seems to be so much demand for the EMS hips trainer, and that’s enough reason why it can become relatively expensive
  • ?It’s limited to hips and buttocks, and you may need to buy additional tools for abs toning

How to Use the Device

STEP 1: To use the hip trainer, slide off the battery cover to install the batteries. That’s the first step to using the device. 

STEP 2: Make sure you install the right type of battery. In this case, the right one is the 2PCS AAA battery. Also, make sure you attach the battery correctly.

STEP 3: Now, you can attach the device to the hips pad. The U-shaped hip pad lies on the butt in the course of the stimulation 

STEP 4: Take the storage sheets out for much better maintenance. 

STEP 5: Position the pads designed for the hips on your hips. Ensure that you get the placing and positioning right. To get it right, you can take a look at pictures. 

STEP 6: Next, go to the on-button and press to have the device come alive. Then the stimulators begin working. 

STEP 7: The hip trainer lets you select your preferred modes, which is amazing. So, you can choose the mode you want based on what you prefer at any given time. 

STEP 8: If you prefer to raise the intensity of the stimulation, do so. It depends on the results you want. You only have to press the ON/INC button again. 

STEP 9: Once you’re through with the high-intensity stimulation, you can either decrease it or switch the device off entirely. Simply press the OFF/DEC button to do so.

STEP 10: Carrying out your first muscle stimulation is enough to find some light changes when you take a careful look in the mirror. 

This EMS hips trainer may be a perfect method for those looking to have round hips and buttocks very fast and have the funds required for buying it.


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