Adorable Photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kids: Blue –Ivy And The Twins

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kids
Image Source: Youtube

Without any doubt, this is the most adorable family with two celebrity parents. This famous pair has 3 kids: Blue-Ivy who is 7 and adorable twins Rumi and Sir Carter, 1. The celebrities daughter Blue has always caught the attention of paparazzi’s in most social events and has also been seen sitting in the front row in several award shows. What a privilege?

The twins Rumi and Sir have however been shielded from the spotlight and are only seen only once in a while. This duo, however, made their social debut just a month after their birth. Here, their mum, Beyonce made a stun when she posted a photo of herself wearing a beautiful dress while cradling the twins. This definitely hit the social media with a shock. Later on she also shared a glimpse of the twins in a video which had a feature of her and Jy-Z renewing their vows in a ceremony held in June 2018. The twosome rocked beyond any measures in their white fitting outfits. Despite limited photos of the twins in the internet, the few available ones reveal them as happy babies.

Sometimes we also bump into adorable photos of Blue-Ivy with either one or both of her parents and they are just eye-catching. Other photos of her include those she is seen kissing Bey’s cute baby bump, those in award shows as well as those in the courtside. She is always captured on point in the photos and most of them leave the fans laughing.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s family photos are indeed adorable and thanks to them for allowing us to have a glimpse of their cute family. We love your family and look forward to more photos of you and adorable kids.


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