Adding CBD Oil To Your Life At The Right Time


If you were like me who, in the beginning, wanted nothing to do with anything that comprised of the word marijuana or was completely put off by a product that was essentially bottled cannabis, then this article is for you. Find what is the right time for adding CBD oil to your life.

And yes, you are not alone in this thinking and there are many opinionated individuals out there who will have their say, read about them in this link, but as the old saying goes, ‘don’t knock it till you try it,’ and this is all I can ask for.

Of all the people I have recommended adding CBD oil too, and those who had already discovered this wonder product, two main features kept popping up time and time again and I felt that simply hearing them again reinstalled the passion I have for wanting it part of mine and my family’s lives. 

The first benefit was the fact that this was a completely natural, organic product, and the reason that initially hooked me. Grown and gifted naturally by Mother Nature this is a distant cousin of the marijuana flower, but when using natural extraction processes to the likes of CO2 it is essentially the safest and most chemically-free method.

IF CO2 is not used, however, rather manufacturing using butane or propane, these can leave behind harmful toxins and solvents which rule out the safety aspect.

Then there is the advantage that this is a complete all-rounder of a product, usable in food and drinks, to all members of the family including the furry family members. And so it works for our lifestyle and family dynamics and it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Why we chose to use CBD.

For us getting on in our years, we began to feel the aches and pains becoming more frequent, the stiffness creeping in, and we knew we had to do something. The kids were still young and active and asking for us to participate in events and activities, and if we wanted to be able to get out of bed the next morning it had to be without the 1,2,3 count and a big roll sideways.

I’d heard a girlfriend of mine say she and her partner had been using it for a few months and were loving the results and effects they were experiencing so I ordered some and we’ve never looked back. We implemented it into our dog’s diet at the same time as ours and we haven’t seen a limp or struggle for ages.

Good timing. 

No-one can tell you when is or isn’t a good time to either begin on your CBD journey or the time of day that is optimal, it’s all determined by your needs and uses. For us we chose to take 2 smaller doses split to the beginning and end of the day as opposed to a full measure at one specific period, this way we get the best of both worlds.

After a long workday or week it can be tough to unwind without a cocktail and a roaring fire, I would have deadlines and meeting minutes on loop in my head, errands and chores to run for the next day on the to-do list, and on top of it all, I had to try to get a good night’s rest? Impossible, until it wasn’t.

A few drops of CBD and I could calm, de-stress, and head to bed, drift off to dreamland effortlessly and wake up not feeling like a corpse.

Then the next dosage with breakfast and coffee and I was all set for the day. You too can have a handle on things, visit and see the range of products available and which could be suited to your time and schedule and live the life you deserve.

If not why not. 

You’ve tried everything else, now it’s time to try a product that is backed up with hundreds and thousands of success stories, is chemical and toxin-free, and safe for the whole household. What have you got to lose? 

Adding CBD Oil has become a revolutionary ingredient ready to be taken to the next level in all aspects, including the medical, food, and beverage industries.


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