Creative Activities with Family to Revive Your Relationships

Creative Activities with Family to Revive Your Relationships!

Isolating yourself and staying at home for the past three months can really be daunting and frustrating too. But that is the only way we can combat the dreadful virus. However, you can think about all the good things this time is giving us. Do you even remember when was the last time you spent so much of time at home with your family? You’ve probably forgotten that! So, it’s time you relive the olden and golden days of your life. Make the most of the time with your family. Are you wondering what you can do with the limited options we have right now? Well, we’ll help you with some of the best activities with family and fun things to do at home. Hang in there and read on!

Best Activities with Family

Now we will see some of the best activities with family. You can bond well with your family by doing these small yet meaningful gestures and activities.

Let’s check out what the fun activities with family are:

Plan a Movie Night

Doesn’t sound like so much fun? Get a few old DVDs lying in your drawer or download it online. You can make a list of everyone’s choice of movie and then select one movie daily. Or you can even make Saturday night a movie night home. You can make popcorn easily at home and give your kids some candies. Don’t forget to dim down the lights to get the theatrical feeling!


You can always volunteer in so many communities. Now is the time you need to stay close to the society and be compassionate towards each other. It’s also one of the best family group activities which will strengthen your relationships with each other. You can involve every member of the house to make food packs and have the community people give it away for you. Other than that, there are so many more ways you can help the society. Remember volunteering doesn’t mean you have to be present there. You can stay at home and yet serve society with so much.

Bake Cookies Together

Isn’t baking cookies much more fun than eating them? Involve everyone in your family. Bake your cookies well and ask your kids to top it up with some frosting. Sprinkle some chocolate chips or any other thing you like. You can even save them to gift each other as presents on special days. More so, you can also keep them as a reward for your kids each time they are obedient and does their home task well!

Eat Dinner Together

Dinnertime is always family time. It might have not happened often when you were very busy with work. But you have all the time now. This pandemic has given you time for the things you couldn’t make time for. Plan out a lovely dinner and sit together. Enjoy every bit of your meal and give your spouses, kids, or parents time you always wished to give. You’ll definitely cherish this all your life!

Plan a Picnic

When was the last time you actually went out on a picnic? But don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to go out of your house! Choose a space in your backyard or your patio. Make up some nice sandwiches, carry some fruits and juices in a basket. Also, ask your kids to get their toys and water balloons. If you have enough space, you can ask them to carry their foldable swimming pool with toys and swimming trunks. With the lovely sunny weather in the States now, you will have fun for a lifetime. It’s going to be a new and fun activity with your family.

Play Games

Rather than letting your board games gather a lot of dust, take that out and start having some fun with your family. You can also bring out the inner child from you when you start playing these board games. Some of the board games you can choose are Trivia Pursuit, Monopoly, Pictionary, Chess, and Ludo.

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You can even try out some outdoor games in your backyard, like Catch, basketball, football, and volleyball. Even more, why not try out some Pilates together? By doing that you can actually have a good time and finish exercising too.

Backyard Camping

Why not try out some spooky night camping in your backyard? Just order a tent online to have some outdoor night activity. You can carry your repellents and don’t forget to take a flashlight along with you. Just carry some burritos or hotdogs for dinner. As dessert, you can try out barbequing apples and serve it with hot chocolate sauce. When dinner is over each one of you can come up with some spooky stories to tell each other and enjoy the mysticism of the night!  It is one of the most thrilling activities with family you will remember all your life.

Bird Watching

Bird watching can actually be so much fun. You and your entire family can sit outside to watch the birds. If you get a bird journal handy, use it to identify each bird. More so, you can click some lovely pictures or draw out outlines of the birds you watch. Also, you can keep track of all the birds you watch and take note of them. It’s such a fun and engaging activity that will keep you engrossed for hours.

Family Concert

What if you can’t make it to the theatres? Have a play at home!  Each one of you plan out different plays and then select the one you want to do. Download all the dialogs from the Internet and print them out. Get all the costumes sown at home. You can then start your practice. It might take up more than a month but that’s okay! Just simply allot a specific timing for the rehearsals. Wondering who will watch your effort? Well, we can help you with that too. Go Live on Instagram or Facebook and start your performance. Isn’t it a lovely way to maintain social distancing yet have your friends and family watch you? You are surely going to get requests for more plays like this.

Reading Together

Reading is actually a great hobby, and when you can do it together, there is nothing like that. Jot down a list of the books you and your family members want to read. Each day or a weekend choose each of the books in turns and read it aloud. Make it like recitation show at home after dinner each night. Discuss the detail and have fun. Appreciate the creativity of the writer and more so, bond with your family over reading.

Make Craft Projects

Crafts can be fun things to do at home. Both art and crafts can be creative and innovative activities with family. You can be together with your kids and also enjoy yourself a lot. Make some wall hangings, dollhouses, paper bracelets, collages, T-shirt printing, Christmas tree décor, mini volcanos and so much more. In this way, you can allow the creative juices of your kids to ooze out and even keep them busy and engaged. You too will enjoy this time with them.

Make a Family Tree

You can introduce your kids to their ancestors. It can be possible you won’t remember much about your family but you can just do with the ones you know. Make a tree with branches and leaves and discuss the lineage you belong to. You can make it fun by printing in some pictures if you can and stick it next to the name. Later try framing it up, so you remember all the good times you had with your family.

Get to Gardening

It’s summer in the States and when better than now to start gardening. Plant all the veggies, fruits and herbs of your choice. If you cannot go out use up all the old scrap bottles and cans to make a beautiful garden. Even more, plant some flowers so you can smell them and give your eyes the pleasure like never before.

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You can even involve your children in painting pots and cans. Remember to do it all together. Moreover, when the veggies of your plants grow, don’t forget to click a picture and send it to us! Gardening can get so much fun when you have family with you.

Click Lots of Pictures

The time your spending with your family might not come back to you again. So, it’s important you can go down the memory lane to relive the lovely moments you spent with your family.

When things get back to normal and you get back to your usual life of being outside and busy, you can look back on these pictures to bring a smile on your face. Also, you can try out an album to keep it too. You just cannot deny the feel of a photo album is always more special than digital pictures.

Make a holiday tree

With all the baking your doing with your family, you must be having lots of cupcake liners lying around. Gather them in one place, make sure they are all colorful. The take big white chart paper and draw an outline of a tree. Paint on the branches and leaves. The colorful cupcake liners are going to be the fruits of the tree. Then you need contrasting markers and to write out the holidays the family is going to enjoy. For instance- Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and much more. You’ll probably not be able to cover all the holidays in one picture but never mind! Save the next holidays for another activity day with your family.

Cleaning up Together

With everyone at home, it’s important each one helps in household work. Be it your partner or kids. When better than now to upgrade your cleaning skills too. You can distribute the work among everyone and each one can try out a task. It makes work easier and fun too. You bond well when you do household activities with family.

Enjoy Quality Family Time

When you are thinking about activities with family, then you must keep in mind just to focus on that. You can spend quality time only if you keep fun activities separate from your work. Being in such a vulnerable state we do not really know when we can go back to usual life.

So, working and studying from home has already got into our daily lives and it’s going to be a regular thing too. You must have noticed that now, we have subconsciously adapted ourselves to stay at home. So, it is very important you divide work time and playtime separately.

We have got you some tips you can keep in mind to enjoy your family time to the utmost. Which are:

Children must complete their home tasks and online classes.

Since we need to study and work from home. Dedicate a specific time for studies and then start playtime.

Turn off all cell phones

This point definitely goes for parents and every adult. When you’re with your family, you must not use cell phones. Continuous texting and replying to work emails can hamper your family life. So, when its family time keep, your phone aside.

Don’t discuss work in front of kids

With the work pressure, we are going through right now, it can be that you can start discussing work in front of your kids. It isn’t a very good idea to do that. Keep your family time absolutely separate.

Last Thoughts

This blog has given you a number of activities with family and fun things you can do at home. So, enjoy every bit of this time you are getting now. Make out the most of the family time now and choose all the activities you like from the list above.

Do remember to spend quality time and avoid cell phones when you’re with family if it’s not very necessary. Click lovely family pictures and also don’t forget to drop a few in our comment section below!


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