ABC canceled The Kids are Alright and The Fix

the fix season 2 canceled

There won’t be any second season of The kid are Alright and The Fix. ABC has just canceled both tv shows. The main reason for cancelation is that both tv shows fail to impress the audience.

The Fix is a legal tv Drama created by Marcia Clark and Elizabeth Craft. David Hoberman is the executive producer. The cast includes Robin Tunney, Robin Given, Adam  Rayners, and Adewale Akinnouy.

The story of fix centered Maya Travis who is LA district attorney who took a break from her career after a devastating defeat. She is prosecuting an A-list actor for double homicide. However, she lost the case. After this failure, she moves to Washington to have a peaceful life.

Eight years after she comes back to her hometown because the same celebrity get involved in another murder. Maya sees this an opportunity to find real justice.

The story of The Fix is indeed , but viewers don’t give it excellent reviews. Its rating is 6.6 out of 10 on Imdb. This show is not yet over. Two last episode will release in the upcoming week. However, ABC has decided to kill the show due to its low ratings.

The Kids are Alright is an American comedy tv series which fail to entertain the public and therefore ABC planned to say it a goodbye.

The Kids are Alright is created by Tim Doyle. He announced on Twitter that “The Kids are Alright is dead. I just got the call. Goodbye.” There are total 23 episodes of the shows, and only two episodes are left to broadcast for season 1. Now it is clear that this show is not returning for its second season.

These tv series take you to 1970s where comedy is all around a traditional Irish-Catholic Family titled as “The Clearys.” The family has to face many up and down during the most challenging decades in America.

Mike and Peggy belong to a working-class neighborhood. They are raising eight boys who are living in three bedrooms and one bathroom home. They have little or no supervisions. The whole house turned upside down when the oldest son Lawrence came back to home and with the new plan of saving the entire world.

The last episode of the show is titled “ Irish goodbye.”It will release on ABC on 21 May 2019 as this comedy series is not coming back with Season 2. So, it is good to say goodbye to the Irish family and its turbulent lifestyle at the end of this month.


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