A Classical Debate: Classical Music or New Music – What’s Better?

Classical Debate

Music has been a part of the human population since the existence of mankind. With music being a source of entertainment throughout all these centuries, we can say that the evolution of music has been impeccable. Here is a Classical Debate on new and classical music to find which one is better.

From classical tunes to hip hop, music has changed dramatically over the years. Initially, the royalty was taught the teachings of basic music and the rich people could afford this facility. Others simply had to go with their talent. Nowadays, online music lessons and private tuitions on music are quite common all thanks to the digitalization and evolution of technology.

Music is like medication but still has the potential to amuse, teach, and notify. Although music has experienced a tremendous change, it varies from the styles of musical instruments to the nature of song creation. There are some points below to explain the Classical Debate in new and old songs.

A Classical Debate between Classical and New Music

Classical music and popular music vary in a variety of main respects. Their respective periods are the most apparent route. Classical music is generally called music made before the 19th century, while contemporary music is music produced after the 19th century. Both types of music are quite different in many respects, including instrumentation, shape, theme, intention, and process of production.

Also, realize there’s nothing unbiased about the quality of the music content. People assess artistic consistency from their own unique experiences and associate it with the sense of our lives and our current emotional needs and wants. And even it now makes perfect sense why everyone wanted a little soft rock from the ’70s in the current isolated pandemic.

A Debatable Comparison

There are multiple points on how classical music differs from modern ones. Let’s discuss some of the Classical Debate that comes with the evolution of music.

  • Genre

In earlier days, the genre of music was quite clear. You could just listen to the music and determine whether it belongs from Europe or the subcontinent – India. There was no such thing as a combination of eastern and western tunes.

In modern days, the situation has transformed completely. Musicians like to mix genres to have a piece of new mixed music that pops in the minds of the listeners and confuses them about the genre of the music.

Due to the persistent and continuous mix and match of music genres, the people do not know how to distinguish the tunes anymore.

  • Difference in Instruments

The musical instruments are also quite different from classical times to the modern ones. The classical era is quite popular for using a bunch of acoustic musical instruments. Some of the most popular classical musical instruments are:

  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Upright bass
  • Tuba
  • French Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Oboe

All these instruments have been present in orchestras and chambers performances. A regular chamber is a combination of brass and woodwind quintets, string quartets.

On the other hand, the modern music comprises of contemporary and newly developed instruments that are usually an upgrade of the classical ones like the keyboard, electric bass and guitar.

Drumming has also evolved as classical music utilizes percussion/drumming section comprised of multiple musicians playing the instruments. In modern music, the percussion session usually comprises of drummers on the set and multiple percussionists who like to play exotic percussion instruments.

  • Style of Music Has Changed

Classical music comprises of various tones and it emphasizes on the importance of emotion and density of lyrics as well. Classical music is quite popular for having a more actively dynamic range and it also tends to gain speed as well as slow down after intervals.

Modern music on the other hand is more prone to expressing emotion with the help of sounds produced by the singer or their group. This is a kind of an improved variation than classical music.

  • Form of Music has changed

Classical music mainly comprises of musical works with various parts. As per Library.thinkquest.org, the symphony is a traditional form of classical music and comprises of four acts. Many types of classical music involve concerto, rondo, masses, oratorio, and sonata. Such modes can be applied anything between minutes to hours.

Modern and Pop music uses a far smaller form than classical music, typically lasting a few minutes. There are even fewer types in popular music, with songs consisting of a collection of verses and choruses in different patterns.

  • Purpose of Both kinds of music is Different

There seems to be a significant distinction between classical and popular music. Classical music is usually meant to attract a seated audience and inspire audiences both emotionally and mentally. Although some modern music has been created to relax in a specific manner, it often varies in important respects from classical music.

Most contemporary music is composed specifically for dance, which is rare for classical music beyond the ballet. And, although classical and contemporary music has been used widely, it is much more popular for modern music to feature in tunes and commercials than classical melodies.

  • Composition of Music

The creation of every form of music is somewhat special. Concerning the lengthy types of classical music, this is not rare for musicians to take several years, to complete their research. Classical music is also produced by the addition of several themes and motifs that evolve gradually during the work. Popular music, on the other hand, also uses even fewer themes and concepts.

Furthermore, since contemporary music is always based around a musician, it is normal for the musician to start the first instrument through which a musician begins to compose. And when it comes to classical music, it is quite common for an artist to use an instrument and begin composing the songs and melodies altogether.  


Old music or new music, we can say that music has evolved completely. Many people like to listen to the older melodies while others love to hear the tunes and symphonies of modern pop. Whether a fan or not, we can depict that music is an important part of everyone’s life. If you are a fan of music then you must consider the option of online music lessons in the digital world.


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