9 Ways to Enjoy Your Thailand Vacation


Vacaying in Thailand can get you stupendously spoilt for choices when it comes to having a great time. It is one of the most tantalizing pleasure destinations in all of South Asia with a diverse array of attractions, from breathtaking beaches to gorgeous Buddhist temples, and the swanky urban sprawl which is Bangkok. 

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Whether you are on Thailand vacation this time to just lay back and relax, eager to experience a remote and challenging hardy trek route, to taste some of that scrumptious Thai food, or kick up your heels at the smash-hit signature parties and festivities of Thailand, this list here will surely help getting your preferences in order: 

Historical Tour of the Grand Palace in Bangkok

You will probably fly into Bangkok first thing if a broad tour of Thailand is on the charts for you. In that case, don’t miss out on this wondrous palace. For 150 years, this gorgeous palace has been home to the Thai King

Check out the intricate architectural details, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the vast and bejeweled Inner Court, and the European style reception room to be awed and awed again. Remember, visitors are expected to dress modestly, that means– no revealing outfit or you have to borrow a cloth to cover yourself up from the outer booth of the palace.

Float by the Spectacular Limestone Cliffed Bay of Phang Nga

There are more than one ways to access Phang Nga Bay, and every one of them equally dreamy! Whether you are going by expense boat rides or have the budget for a luxuriant yacht voyage with wine served on the deck, Phang Nga is going to feel out of this world.

Even more surreal will be a Kayak expedition, moving deeper through the narrow passageways of the limestone bay, with the soft lulling music of cicadas and birds in the green cliffs being heard over the silent drift.

Don’t forget to check out the world-famous ‘James Bond Island’ from the movie ‘The Man with a Golden Gun’, and the Cave of the Reclining Buddha when in Phang Nga!

Experience the Best of Diving in the Similan Islands

If you find yourself any day in the South of Thailand, Similan Islands is where you must head to. Thailand’s designated marine national park, the group of nine islands of Similan is ripe for scuba enthusiasts to take a dive. Among other attractions, you will find delicate nests of sea turtles who flock here to lay their eggs. 

 If you are planning to scuba schedule your visit to the islands from November to April, after or before which time you will find the national park closed for visitors. To reach the Similan, look for dive boats leaving from Tap Lamu pier located within a few minute’s time from Khao Lak.

Glide Leisurely By at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Floating markets are traditional in Thailand, and among them, Damnoen Saduak deserves a special mention. Catch an early morning bus from Bangkok and reach the market before the touristy crowd begins to pour in. Photograph the lively shade of local life, the vivaciously colorful long-tailed boats waiting to tour you around the floating stores at a leisurely pace, and the usual wares and local produces heaped at the stalls. 

Don’t forget to taste those delish little coconut pancakes and boat noodles in rich meat broths sold along the way! Damnoen Saduak market is a good trip full of memorable sights, sounds, and sensations even if you don’t buy anything.

Soak in the Romance and Loveliness of the Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island is chock full of romantic things to do with your partner, and that doesn’t mean anything is out of bounds here for solo romantic wanderers! 

Explore underwater territory, hop on board the exquisite Catamaran sailing tour, kick up your heels and enjoy the vibrant nightlife, beach hop to Maya Bay, Loh Dalum Bay, and Long Beach, snorkel and shark watch at Central Tonsai Village, hike to Koh Phi Phi viewpoint and to Long Beach , dine at the beach in candlelight, enjoy couple spa–all the while when you are in Phi Phi! 

Trekking the Multiple Magnificent Trails around Chiang Mai

There are plenty of options to make one day or weekend hikes if you are in the vicinity of Chiang Mai. A variety of treks will come under your radar in Chiang Mai– the hardcore forest routes of Chiang Dao, the Umphan Valley trek skirting around the amazing Thi Lo Sy waterfalls and a remote Karen village, the rice paddies village trail in Chiang Rai, the centuries-old ancient ruins at the end of the Kamphaeng Phet trail, and more!

For a change from mountain trekking, if you want to look at the seas from up top, trek to the Khao Pom ridge in the jungles overlooking the islands of Koh Samui. Make your Thailand vacation about memorable challenges!

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Scooting Around the Country to Enjoy the Local Vibe

Inexpensive motorbike renting options are available all over Thailand. Tripping on the fast wheels doesn’t only make it easy on the pockets but also maximizes the sense of adventure and allows a lot of freedom of transfer. Bike rents in Thailand can cost as low as 150 baht ($5 USD) a day!

Alternatively, bicycles are also widely found up for rent in Thailand. There are a number of popular mountain biking trails in Chiang Mai, Huay Cho, and Nongtalay areas, namely– the Old Smugglers Route, The Eagles Route, Huay Cho Reservoir Trails, Doi Suthep Downhill, Hang Nak Loop, and others.

Peak Your Wellness Experience at Yoga, Meditation, and Detox Retreats

An ancient Buddhist country, a top medical tourism destination, and having a lot of unspoilt naturescapes– Thailand have all the ingredients required to be a holistic wellness retreat hotspot. You can dedicate a month or lesser time to learn in-depth yoga, detox from the inside out with naturopathy and Ayurveda retreat, and receive alternative healing therapies at Thailand yoga retreats.

At acclaimed Thai health retreats like the Chiva Som, cancer survivors are accommodated with cell vitality therapies showing rejuvenating results. You can practically narrow down your search for wellness retreats in Thailand to just about any issue– from chronic pain relief to weight loss and more. 

Revel at Thailand’s Infamous Full Moon Party

Top off a well-rounded tour of Thailand with revelations at the infamous Full Moon Party of Koh Phangan to make this trip of a lifetime permanently memorable!

There is going to be a tsunami of good vibrations, trancy music, burning celebratory fire, and more than 30,000 wild partygoers. 

Don’t judge yourself for making some wild calls when in Thailand, for what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand!


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