9 Reasons To Buy An Ikea Platform Bed

9 Reasons To Buy An Ikea Platform Bed

IKEA is renowned for its attractive, reasonably priced furnishings. Moreover, one of their best-selling products is the platform bed. If you want a bed with a low profile and few extra bells and whistles, a platform bed is a wonderful choice. Purchasing an IKEA platform bed makes sense for numerous reasons. There are a few other advantages besides the low cost that you might not be aware of. Quality, design, and longevity are all hallmarks of Ikea beds. 

To help you pick the ideal one for your space, they are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs. Additionally, they are simple to put together, saving you money on installation fees. Be sure to take an Ikea platform bed into consideration if you’re shopping for a new bed. Read on to see why an IKEA platform bed is the best option for you, whether you’re searching for more storage space, a trendy design, or a simple installation procedure.

  1. Low Price

The first and most obvious benefit of purchasing an IKEA platform bed is its affordable cost. A bed of comparable quality may be found for a small portion of the price of other manufacturers. Since Ikea beds are built with high-quality components, you can be sure you’re getting a decent value when you buy one. Saving money is crucial in the current world, and an IKEA platform bed is a terrific way to achieve it. Moreover, it allows you to indulge in other house accessories. Furthermore, checking out helpful comparison of IKEA’s platform beds pricing against other brands would give you an idea on how much you could save.

2. A Wide Range of Styles

A Wide Range of Styles

You may choose a platform bed from IKEA that suits your taste among their many different design options. You may purchase a bed from IKEA in either a sleek, contemporary style or a more conventional design. Additionally, you can match the bed to the other pieces of furniture in your bedroom thanks to the choice of colors and finishes offered. An IKEA platform bed is a terrific choice if you want a bed that stands out. Additionally, you can easily give your bed a new look by switching out the bedding and accessories whenever you get tired of the way it looks.

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3. Easy Assembly

If you don’t want to spend money on expert installation, IKEA platform beds are often simple to assemble. The method is usually rather simple, and the directions are usually clear. However, it’s always a good idea to enlist the assistance of a friend or member of your family to make assembly go more swiftly and efficiently. IKEA furniture assembly is popular among individuals because it fosters friendship.

4. Sturdy Construction

Sturdy Construction

Platform beds from IKEA are made with durability and longevity in mind. You may be sure that your bed will resist frequent usage because of the high-quality materials utilized. IKEA platform beds sometimes come with a 10-year warranty as well, adding to your security. Additionally, you’ll find that IKEA provides excellent value for your money when you contrast the cost of an IKEA bed to that of other manufacturers. Furthermore, as IKEA platform beds are only intended to be used with a mattress, a box spring is not required. This lowers the bed to the floor, which is perfect if you have young children or want a more contemporary design.

5. Space-Saving Design

If you have limited room, IKEA platform beds are another excellent option. They take up less space in your bedroom because a box spring is not necessary. In order to make the most of your limited space, many IKEA platform beds also have built-in storage. An IKEA platform bed is an excellent choice whether you live in a studio apartment or just want to optimize the space in your bedroom. Additionally, the extra storage is ideal for compact bedrooms without closets.

5. Mattress Included

Mattress Included

The mattress is included when you buy an IKEA platform bed. This may be a huge benefit since it means you have one less item to worry about while assembling your new bed. Before making a selection, you may also test the mattress out. You may always get a different one or return the complete bed if you’re not satisfied. Furthermore, a common misconception among consumers is that all platform beds include a mattress. Make cautious to check before buying because this is not the case.

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6. Fewer Parts

Most other types of beds have more pieces than an IKEA platform bed does. This is due to the lack of a box spring since the mattress rests on the slatted foundation. Due to this, building an IKEA platform bed is usually simpler. Without hiring a professional, you might be able to complete the task yourself, saving you both time and money. Furthermore, an IKEA platform bed will be much easier to disassemble and carry if you ever get the chance to relocate.

7. Storage Space

An IKEA platform bed is a terrific option if your bedroom is limited in size. That’s because many of them have storage that is already built in. The BRIMNES bed frame, for instance, features four sizable drawers beneath. This entails that you may store additional bedding, pillows, clothing, and other stuff nearby yet hidden. Some IKEA platform beds also come with headboards that have drawers or storage. This gives you even more storage room for items like books, lights, and alarm clocks.

8. Eco-Friendly

Storage Space

IKEA is dedicated to sustainability, and their variety of platform beds reflects this. The bulk of the frames are constructed from wood that originates from forests that are properly managed. In addition, a lot of the materials used to make IKEA mattresses and bedding may be recycled or reused. This makes IKEA platform beds a fantastic option for those who care about the environment. Furthermore, you may recycle your bed through IKEA’s recycling program when you no longer need it.


In conclusion, an IKEA platform bed is the ideal choice for you for the reasons listed above. They provide affordability, quality, design, and environmental sustainability, which is crucial. With so many benefits, an IKEA platform bed is a solid choice.


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