9 Most Exciting Relationships You Will Love To Know About

The world is full of people and full of relations. Some are blood and some are made. Being in a relationship is always exciting and brings a lot of surprises. Find out the 9 most exciting relationships you will love to know about.

most exciting relationships

Relationship is a ship where people either meet up by blood or they make up on their own. People usually fall in relation either by chance or their relations are made in heaven.  

If a relationship is made in heaven they we are here to carry forward it by our nature and behavior.

A heavenly made relation can be your blood relation or it can be those relations in which we were definitely to fall in by God’s grace. You can check out Best Love Quotes for understanding more about relationships.

Most beautiful relations are those which are filled with purity and love. Those relationships where there is no evilness no ill feelings those are the best relationships made forever.

Relationship is that ship which flows constantly and crosses all the barriers which might become a hurdle in their way. Relationships are the best sought after gift by God which are meant to be followed and respected on Earth.

We as an individual are playing our role in life which is gifted to us. And during the course of life, we come across different roads and different path where we daily meet new people. And from these people, we meet some become our special ones. And with these special ones, we come into a beautiful relationship.

You are surrounded by many relationships around you. Your relation with your parents is a family relationship, your relationship with your friends is friendship, and your relationship with your spouse is a relation of love & marriage. So one person holds and plays multiple relationships in their lifetime.

These relationships are categorized into different types. The types of relationships we are into are categorized as intrapersonal and Interpersonal Relationships. The intrapersonal relationship is a relationship between members within a group.

Types of Interpersonal Relationships

A strong and unique bond shared by two or more persons is known as Interpersonal relationship. In this type of relationship, the attraction between individuals brings them closer to one another and they develop a strong bond. When these interpersonal relationships are positive then they allow you to grow and understand people better.

Interpersonal relationships are classified on the basis of the relational context of interaction and type of mutual expectation between communicators.

Now let’s discuss types of Interpersonal Relationships


A “Friendship” is a relationship which is chosen by us by our own will. One day down the lane we meet a complete stranger who one day turns out to be our best friend. A friendship is a relationship which is built with no formalities and the persons involved in this relationship enjoy each other’s presence.

This relationship is built on trust, common thinking, respect and understanding towards each other. This relation is not a blood relation but it is a relation which is more than blood relations. Friendship is a bond where there is unconditional acceptance for each other.

“Till the time there is sun and moon, till that time our friendship will continue.”

Family & Kinship

“Family” is an association gifted by God, which flows in our veins and comes to us by our birth. This type of relationship is structured on emotional and mental support. Our family is the one who is with us no matter where we are and whatever trouble we are into. The family is always there who stands by us.

Relationships are not always strong, but when there is love, trust, and understanding between people, then those relationships will definitely do wonders. And one such relationship is you’re with your family.

Relationship of the family is like the relationship of the sun with the sky. Like the sun makes sky shine with its brightness, in the same way, because of the family we shine and grow together.

“Love of family is the most important treasure earned forever.”

Love Relationship

“Love” is a relationship where we fall eventually. It is a form of an intimate relationship filled with passion, intimacy, trust, and respect.

Where there is love, there is happiness, joy, and ecstasy. Love is a special bond where people share their feelings toward each other with one another. Love is a relationship which will make you feel special. This relationship of love moves and finds its way in the best possible way and individuals are deeply attached to each other.

“Infuse your life with love and you will see happiness everywhere.”

Marriage Relationship

A form of formalized intimate relationship is “Marriage”. This relationship is a long-term relationship based on pure goals and dedication towards one another.

Marriage is a relationship where individuals decide to enter into the most beautiful bond forever and for next rebirths to come. Now marriage can be based on love or it can be arranged. But no matter whatever the circumstances may be, but this bond is eternal and is life-long.

“Marriages are made in heaven, but owed on earth.”

Platonic Relationship

A relationship based on spirituality and no sexual desire is known as “Platonic Relationship”.

In this relationship, individuals come into relation without feelings of intimacy or sexual desire. The individuals are friends with one another but they do not mix love emotions with their friendship.

The platonic relationship might result in love and romance on the later stage when partners develop feelings for one another.

“I saw an image of God in your eyes, that’s why I worship you day & night.”

Casual Relationship

Some relationships are based on attraction & sexual behavior towards each other and lack mutual love, and these types of relationships are known as “Casual Relationships’

This is a short term relationship which is built by chance and ends very soon. In simple words, it is a relationship of friends with benefits and no other interest involved.

Professional Relationship

A professional relationship is a relationship between individual employees working in an organization.

This relationship is built on teamwork, leadership, equality, and understanding of each other. If the environment of the organization is healthy and good, then employees will develop a fruitful relationship with one another.


If we meet someone and have a brief introduction with them then it is known as a relationship of acquaintances. Simple interaction is the possible startup of this type of relationship.

This relationship can turn into a business venture or a future close relationship.

Final Words

Relationships are interwoven and grow into a tapestry of beautiful threads. In our life, we should focus on maintaining a strong, healthy relationship to attain fruitful peace of mind.

Happiness, grace, and joy come through successful relationships.  

For a successful long-term relationship, you need to identify weak areas and work upon them. Look out for the ways to strengthen those relationships so that they turn into happiness forever. So why wait and think share out the most exciting relationships ideas your loved ones and family only from YOURSELF QUOTES.


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