9 Awesome Handcrafted Gift Ideas For Her

Handcrafted Gift Ideas

Whether you want to gift your mother, daughter, wife, or friend, finding the right gift that she appreciates when they seem to have everything is truly a daunting task. A gift will show them how much you know them and how important they are to you.  It can communicate all your unspoken emotions and will convey how valuable they are in your life. But what to buy for your loved one? You surely do not want to buy some gift that is going to be stuffed on the shelf unused and without any purpose. Handcrafted Gift Ideas-

If you want to give a gift that she will cherish, instead of purchasing a gift from a store, why don’t you try to give a handmade gift? Since handmade gifts are personal, you will be able to show how much you know about her and her unique interests. Maybe a handmade gift may not be as expensive or attractive as the one that you may get from the store. But the time and effort you have invested in making those customized gifts will tell how much you love her. Since they are crafted with love and affection, even if it doesn’t come out as you have imagined, they will still be valuable.

If you lack ideas and are not sure what to gift her, then try some of the following Handcrafted Gift Ideas to convey your gratitude and love.

1. Colorful Tassel Earrings

Everyone loves these colorful and lightweight tassel earrings that will give you the perfect style statement when worn with a summer outfit. They come in various lengths ranging from one inch to should length. This low-effort embellished earring can give a high fashion statement when paired with a tassel chain necklace. So, make a tassel earring with her favorite color thread and fishhook-shaped ear wires.

2. A customized Bracelet 

Another easy-to-make, yet elegant gift to give any lady in your life is a customized bracelet. Collect all those color paper, paint, and any embellishments that you have and make an amazing bangle bracelet. If you want to gift your teen friend, a braided bracelet or a crochet leather bracelet will be a good idea. But if you are not confident in making a bracelet, you can also buy handcrafted bracelets from online stores like LaCkore where you can get Beaded Bracelets, adjustable bracelets, and many more at affordable price ranges.

3. Drawstring Jewelry Pouch

If your loved one loves Jewelry, she must be having a lot in her possession. Therefore, it will be a good idea to gift her a Jewelry organizer to store her necklace, bracelet, and rings. It is a very thoughtful gift and will remind them of you each time they open their precious Jewelry collection.

4. Grapefruit Lip Sugar Scrub

This handmade lip scrub will surely tell them how much you are concerned about their wellbeing. Made from all-natural ingredients, this DIY gift with a refreshing grapefruit scent will inspire some self-care. All you need is some organic sugar, coconut oil, and grapefruit essential oil. So, pamper your loved one with this natural grapefruit lip sugar scrub.

5. Dip-Dyed Scented Candles

Let your loved one remember you each time the soothing fragrance of the candle reach them. Open the kid’s art supplies and choose her favorite colors. Make candles of different sizes and heights. Arrange it near their study desk or office table. Create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom or study room with these scented candles. Find which scent they will appreciate. And add the natural aroma with fresh fruits or flowers.

6. No-Knit Rosette Scarf- Handcrafted Gift Ideas

This would make an extremely thoughtful and useful present. With the tool that is used to make the loopy rosette, this DIY scarf is quite easy. Use yarn of their favorite color and spin the thread around the tool to create this rosette scarf. This scarf will accompany them on cold days and give them a quite modern and classy look.

7. Dip-Dyed T-shirt

Give her a dip-dyed shirt that will be her new favorite for every Sunday morning. Use liquid dyes to dye the shirt. Take one of her favorite t-shirts that needs a dip-dye, and transform it into a new and cool t-shirt.

8. Body Scrub

You can make a brown sugar vanilla body scrub. You can make this body scrub by simply mixing these easily available products. It is extremely beneficial for anyone who needs a little pampering. To give it an aesthetically pleasing look, store the scrub in a glass jar with a vintage spoon. 

9. Arm Knitted Cozy blanket

Is your lady, a couch potato, and loves to sleep. Then gift them, this hand-knitted cozy chunky blanket. Wrap them in this cozy gorgeous blanket and go for a frosty walk in the park. This arm-knitted blanket may need a little practice and some fiddling. But once you get used to it, you can do it quickly within hours.

There are indeed many expensive gifts available in the market. But none of them can be compared to a handmade gift that is crafted with love and filled with emotions. While making these gifts, you may feel frustrated, but remember the happy face of your loved one and gift them any of these handmade gifts.



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