8 Personality Types And The Large Canvas Art They Enjoy

Large Canvas Art

Every person is unique and has a particular set of events that have made them who they are. There are no two same personalities on the planet. However, people can generally be grouped into personality types. Many psychologists have created personality type groupings to identify common motivators. Different personality types respond to all aspects of life differently. For example, personality types will react to the same piece of art in varying degrees. Keep reading to find out how eight common personality types choose large canvas art pieces.

Personality Types

One of the most common personality types classifications is the Myer-Briggs test. This test takes eight opposing personality traits and finds an individual’s combination of their four dominant features. However, the Myers-Briggs test has 16 possible outcomes. We’ve simplified this by focusing on the eight major characteristics and how a person with each one would choose large canvas art.


An Extrovert is a person who gets energy from being surrounded by people. As an extremely social creature, the extrovert loves to meet new people, doesn’t mind going to parties on their own, typically enjoy a variety of tasks, and are great at multitasking.

When choosing a piece of large canvas art, the Extrovert will likely choose flashy, over-the-top art. They want people to react when they come into the home and see the art pieces. Additionally, the extrovert doesn’t feel it’s necessary to stick to a theme in their art pieces. They will have varying styles of large canvas art pieces as they get bored quickly and like to experience different visuals throughout their home.


Sensors are people who like to stick to facts, numbers, and common logic. A Sensor is very risk-averse and prefers to “do things by the book.” They enjoy problem-solving and always learn from their past mistakes.

A Sensor has several possible motivators when it comes to purchasing art. Firstly, they enjoy art pieces that are puzzles and complicated to figure out. They also may choose a piece of art simply because they believe the artist will gain popularity, and the piece will go up in value.


Thinkers are people who value logic, honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. When it comes to making a decision, they enjoy making pros and cons lists and analyzing from an objective standpoint.

Thinkers will want to make an art decision that fits their lifestyle. They will have a budget in mind before they walk into a store, and even if a Thinker falls in love with a piece of art, they would never consider purchasing something that is over budget. They also will make the art decision that fits best with their home’s current color scheme. For Thinkers, practicality is first, and the love for the piece is secondary.


Judgers are extremely organized and prepared in everything they do. They enjoy planning and typically follow the rules. When plans go awry, a Judger can sometimes find it challenging to recalibrate to a new idea.

The Judger will already have their piece of art picked out before they even enter a store. They will have done extensive research into artists, types of motifs in art, and also measured the space in their home where they plan to put the piece.


Introverts are people who enjoy spending time with themselves. While Introverts can socialize with others, they find it draining, and often need to recuperate with some alone time. Introverts typically like to focus on one task at a time.

An Introvert is most likely to choose one single piece of art per room. They don’t enjoy having a multitude of distractions in every room.


Intuitives love to think about the future, the big picture, and set extravagant goals for themselves. The Intuitive sees patterns quickly and loves to solve problems creatively.

Intuitives will respond to unique large canvas art. Their style won’t necessarily appeal to everyone, but they like the pieces of art that made them stop in their tracks because it was so different.


Feelers are compassionate and cooperative people. A Feeler enjoys thinking of others and making others happy. They are always aware of how others are feeling and hate uncomfortable social interactions.

A Feeler is likely to choose a soothing piece of canvas art. Most typically, these pieces will be landscape or include one dominant color. The Feeler also will respond well to a massive piece of art. It’s said when you stand in front of a piece of art that covers an entire wall, the feeling is similar to being sucked into the painting, and can be quite powerful. For example, Mark Rothko’s ‘Untitled’ canvas that is mostly red is thought to be one of the pieces of art in the world that has made the most amount of people cry.


Perceivers are very spontaneous, fun-loving people that love to go with the flow. They don’t like to plan and often will make an impulsive decision on the spot.

A perceiver will choose their art with no rhyme or reason, but only because it spoke to them at the moment. They won’t be able to explain why they made that choice but will feel utterly confident it was the right one.

No matter what personality type you relate to the most, it’s important to choose art that speaks to you. Art pieces are a representation of your style and can say a lot about you. Make sure to start decorating your place with new large canvas art today, as there is nothing sadder than an art-free home.


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