6 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

Halloween shopping 2018

Halloween costumes for kids and other people along with decorations are offered by many stores. Kids are excited to buy them for making their celebrations beautiful. Here are six ways for making 2018 Hottest Halloween Costumes.

Consignment sales

Consignment sales possess a bundle of Halloween costumes for kids. However, a little planning is required. Because usually, consignment sales are prior to school openings in August.

You may check out consignmentmommies.com to find a nearby consignment store.

Thrift Stores

In case, your child is not set on a costume. Then just take them to a thrift store. There is a number of costume ideas for kids. For instance, a fairy costume. Dress up your little daughter in a fairy dress. Make a handmade crown and wand. This is how you get inspiration from a thrift store.

Shop your House

Look around yourself. Your house is already filled with a lot of unique and creative ideas. All you need is to explore them. Unlock your creativity and make a beautiful and different dress for your kid. And the best part is that it is the most inexpensive way.

Trade with a Friend

Another inexpensive yet different idea for a costume. Ask for a costume swap with your friend for this Halloween. In fact, it can work well for adult costumes. However, it is most appropriate for the Halloween costumes for kids.

As kids are at a growing age, their size also increases with time. Apart from this, you will find more flexibility since you have plenty of choices while trading with a friend.

Shop Early

Whether shop early or shop late. If you are not fond of getting the hottest costume of the season. Then this way work for you. you will find up to 50 percent of the discount if you shop right before the Halloween.

However, NPD’s Cohen says, “Truly the best time is right after Halloween and stores it for next year.” At this time the costume prices are dropped by 75 percent.

Do It Yourself

You shall never require the skills of Martha Stewart for designing your own costume. Instead get the most creative ideas from Etsy or Pinterest. Else, you may check the online sites like Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s for getting ideas.

Jo-Ann’s has expanded its collection to add more ready-made accessories such as tutus.  On this website, ideas range for each age group. They can also be made in an hour or in a week.

Share your Halloween costume plans with us.


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