6 Early Warning Signs That Your Child Is Stressed About School


A new environment, unknown faces, and school activities can often stress out children and affect their performance in school. Unlike adults and teens, children prefer to run away from their problems instead of facing them which can eventually lead to different mental health issues at a young age. Hence, it is extremely vital to identify the early warning signs or changes in your children before they become major issues. 

At times, it can be challenging for parents to deal with some issues or find the right solutions for their child due to various reasons. In such situations, it is best to seek help from a professional and qualified child development center in Peoria, IL

In this article, we have listed some prominent warning signs that indicate your child is not happy or finds it challenging to adjust to their school environment. 

  1. Poor grades 

Not every child has the same learning and grasping ability. If your child is not able to understand certain concepts by usual teaching methods, consider changing the teaching methods or using fun learning activities. This will help your child improve their skills and learn new things stress-free. Play mind games and create challenging tasks for your child to help them learn things quickly and efficiently. 

  1. Change in behavior 

Change in behavior and attitude toward school activities is one of the most common signs that indicate your child is struggling in school. You might see your child getting angry or anxious when you talk about school or ask them to do their homework. Talk to your child and make them believe your care about them. Don’t lose your temper or instigate them to do unpleasant things as it will make things go worse. 

  1. Avoids talking about school 

If your child constantly or deliberately ignores talking about school, it might be a warning sign, especially if your child is an extrovert. Avoid forcing your child to speak or putting pressure on them to let their heart out. Deal with them patiently and make them believe no matter what, they will always have your back.

  1. Make excuses to bunk school 

If your child is uncomfortable or hates going to school, they will naturally make excuses and throw tantrums while getting ready for school. Don’t ignore these signs and try to understand your child’s emotional and mental state. Ask them why they want to bunk the school, speak to school authorities in case of serious issues, and discuss it with your partner to find effective solutions. 

  1. Physical symptoms 

Lack of sleep, loss of appetite, getting easily disinterested, and more are some of the common physical symptoms your child might have after coming home from school. Sometimes, it can be challenging to determine the root problems without professional assistance. Consider sending your child to children’s development centers to help them overcome their fears and improve their learning abilities. 

Young children have minds of their own, you should respect their choices and be a good listener to their problems. This will help develop good values in your child and improve their ability to deal with complex problems alone. 


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