5 Reasons Why Arsenal Will Win the EPL in 2022/2023


Will Arsenal Win the EPL in 2022/2023?

Arsenal are currently on top of the EPL ladder with 40 points. They have an incredible record of 13 wins, 1 draw, and just a single loss. They are 7 points clear of Newcastle United and 8 points clear of Man City, but Man City has played one less game than Arsenal.

The EPL season is a long way from being over, as Arsenal still have to play 23 more matches and will have to take on some of the strongest clubs in the competition. Despite Man City having a more studded lineup, we are convinced Arsenal will win the league, and we will lay out our reasons below. To take this bet, head to this site with high odds.

1. Mikel Arteta is an Incredible Coach

Coming into the 2022/2023 EPL season Mikel Arteta had a number of critics. Many Arsenal fans were unsure if he was the right man to get Arsenal back into title contention. Well, the Spaniard has proved even his biggest haters wrong!

Mikel Arteta has built an incredible relationship with his players, who come out on the pitch every single week wanting to play hard for their coach. You can see the energy and enthusiasm that Arteta has infused into the Arsenal squad.

The Spanish manager has also got Arsenal playing a high-tempo, pass-heavy, and attacking style of football that is giving opponents fits. Arsenal are creating lots of chances, and many teams simply can’t keep up with the pace of their play.

2. Bukayo Saka Has Been a Revelation!

This EPL season Bukayo Saka has put the football world on notice! Everyone knew Saka was talented, but this season he is on the verge of being world-class. His control of the ball, acceleration, and accurate shooting makes him one of the most dangerous players in the EPL. If Arsenal are going to win the EPL, then Saka needs to continue his fine form and be regularly finding the back of the net.

3. Gabriel Martinelli is a Special Player

Nobody expected Gabriel Martinelli to be this good when Arsenal signed him back in 2019 from Ituano. However, the 21-year-old Brazilian is having the season of his life. He has already scored 6 goals in 15 appearances this season and is constantly involved in Arsenal’s attacking plays. Martinelli has fantastic strength and dribbling ability and has an extremely powerful shot. Expect Martinelli to continue to develop and get better!

4. Arsenal Are Extremely Confident

You can tell that the Arsenal side believes in themselves. Every time they ran out on the pitch they looked calm, excited, and confident. They have that winner’s mentality, and based on the way they are playing, they have a right to be confident. Arsenal is not playing tight or nervous. They are constantly moving the ball and creating chances. If they make a mistake, they immediately bounce back and get back to playing their trademark gorgeous attacking style of football. You can see Arsenal’s opponents often giving up early in the game as they concede an early goal and realize that the North London side is continuing to attack and push the pace.

5. Man City’s Defense is a Bit Shaky

Man City has already lost 2 and drawn 2 games in 14 matches this season. While they still have an incredible squad, they don’t look quite as good as they did last year. Even though they signed Erling Haaland, who is the best striker in the EPL, their defense looks a little weak. They have already conceded 14 goals which is more than Arsenal and Newcastle United have conceded. With Man City not playing as well as last year, this opens the door for Arsenal to extend their lead at the top of the table and win the league!

Final Thoughts

Arsenal are looking incredible this EPL season, and Mikel Arteta has done a great job of building a strong side and getting them to buy into his pass-heavy and attacking style of football. While they don’t have the talent Man City has, they currently look the better side and are clear at the top of the table. It will be fascinating to see if Arsenal can maintain their strong form or if Man City will slowly claw them back. Comment below who you think will win the EPL in 2022/2023! 


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