5 Reasons to Consider Travel Credit Cards

Consider Travel Credit Cards

There are many different ways to travel, but if you’ve ever been to a travel website, you’ve almost certainly seen them advertising a credit card. Especially for those who have never signed up for a travel credit card, these cards might not immediately seem like a great deal. Is it really worth it? Here are five of the top benefits that tend to sway people to consider travel credit cards applying.

1. Cashback Everywhere

Typically, a travel credit card is backed by one of the major credit card companies, so you can use it just like a normal credit card. The only difference is that you can get benefits at a specific travel company when you use it. This means that for most travel credit cards, every time you use your credit card, you’ll get cashback. Extra cashback is also often available for purchases with the travel company and certain other categories.

2. Extra Daily Benefits Just for Having a Credit Card

There are extra benefits that you may receive at a travel company just because you have a credit card. For example, you might be able to upgrade your booking for free from time to time, free accommodations that others have to pay for, and credit toward certain fees. These benefits are a great way to get the most out of your traveling experiences.

3. Special Annual Benefits

On an annual level, there are a variety of benefits you may receive for every year you keep a travel credit card. For example, you might get credit for your next trip, you might get a free gift, or you might get a temporary bonus for your credit card points. This is to encourage you to stay on and pay the annual fee again. Taking advantage of these yearly benefits can help you significantly.

4. Financing Opportunities

Some travel credit cards offer promotional financing. Oftentimes, this means that if you make a purchase above a certain price point, you can receive discounted APR, sometimes as low as 0% APR, as long as you pay it off within a certain time period. These financing options can make it easier for you to take trips where you really splurge.

5. Sign-On Bonuses

Sign-on bonuses are one of the biggest reasons that people sign up for new travel credit cards. The sign-on bonus for any given travel credit card can be huge, giving you hundreds of dollars in credit for your purchases. Make sure you compare the sign-on bonus for your travel credit card against other travel credit cards before you apply.


Travel credit cards are a great option for many travelers, especially if they travel very regularly. If you’re someone who really loves to travel, a travel credit card bonus could be an amazing investment that can help you travel even more commonly without having to pay too much. Just make sure you check the benefits you’re receiving so you can get the travel credit card that works perfectly for your specific situation.


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