5 Reasons to Choose Organic Hair Colours and Say Goodbye to Chemical Hair Dyes

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Who doesn’t want to look their best and feel confident? Hairstyle and hair color go a long way to provide that ‘feel-good’ factor! The question which worries most hair color users is what’s the best color for their hair?

Even a few years back people used chemical hair colors without any doubts in their minds but today, the buzz word is ‘Natural’! Honestly, chemical products are losing admirers rapidly!

Organic, herbal hair color alternatives have been available for centuries but consumers are now paying attention to them more than ever!

There are some good reasons to ditch chemical-laden hair dyes in favor of organic hair colors.

# Save your hair from harsh chemicals

Most of the chemical hair dyes are concoctions of ammonia, resorcinol, heavy metals, besides various other chemicals.

These substances are highly toxic in nature and have often been linked to skin rashes, eye irritation, and even respiratory problems.

Organic hair colors may not last as long as chemical dyes but they do tons of good to your hair. Since centuries, Indians have used indigo powder for hair coloring and organic henna powder to maintain strong, lustrous, beautiful hair.

These natural ingredients work wonders together and do an equally magnificent job as their chemical counterparts.

organic henna powder is used in multiple hair care treatments like dandruff cure, improving hair growth, a remedy for thinning hair, for deep conditioning among many others.

# Relief for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin often develop allergic reactions from chemical hair colors. From simple red rashes on the skin to itching and swelling of the eyelids, contact dermatitis; allergies can have different forms.

PPD or para-phenylenediamine present in most hair dyes is a common culprit for allergic reactions.

One of the best ways to avoid a hair dye reaction is to use natural hair colors. Both indigo powder and henna are natural dyes that are derived from leaves of plants.

organic henna powder is one of the most widely used natural ingredients for hair treatments due to its antifungal, soothing, and antimicrobial properties.

# Preserve your hair structure

When you use chemical hair dyes, it’s chemistry at work! The chemicals react with each other to give you the black, ginger, red, blonde and other shades of your choice!

If you love your hair structure and want to retain it, you should know that repeated use of chemical dyes can alter the way your hair feels, making it rough and brittle.

The chemical formulas work in different ways than the natural hair coloring agents. Permanent hair colors penetrate the cortex of the hair and work deep down to get results.

Organic hair colors work in a simple manner by just coating the hair with color without interfering with the inner hair structure.

That’s how they keep the hair safer and healthier.

# Natural hair dyes offer plenty of color alternatives

Chemical hair colors may be a convenient and quick way to change hair color as often as you wish but take a toll on the health of your hair.

If you are ready to settle for something healthier, natural hair colors offer a number of options.

Coffee, tea, herbs like henna, indigo, marigold, calendula, rosemary, sage, beet and carrot juice are some of the wonderful natural hair color ingredients used by people all over the world.

Henna and indigo leaves are the oldest known natural hair dyes that have been used by the Indians. Individually indigo powder for hair may not be good enough as a hair coloring agent but when mixed with organic henna powder, it gives superb results.

Both these organic ingredients used in different quantities and formulas give different shades of brown and black.

# Reduce the cost and the hassle of upkeep

Changing hair color and flaunting those locks are fun no doubt! But behind those beautiful tresses lies hours of upkeep, loads of hair maintenance products and wads of money spent on salon treatments.

Getting your hair colored with chemical dyes does not end as soon as you get your desired shade on your hair.

It demands much more than that. Costly shampoos to protect the color, conditioners to keep the hair sort, regular touch-ups, fear of losing the hair colorfast; these are added costs and worries of chemical dyes.

Herbal hair dyes are less expensive than chemical hair dyes. Since they are made from natural ingredients, they are safer for health and are gentle on hair.

Hair dyes made with henna and indigo powder for hair coloring may need repeated use within shorter intervals compared to chemical hair dyes but when it’s your health at stake, it’s worth taking the trouble.

The final choice is always up to you. If you love your hair and do not want to put it through a grueling process, think about using organic hair color to keep your tresses safer, softer and silkier.


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