5 Reasons Plumbing Maintenance is Essential for Resorts

Plumbing Maintenance is Essential

Running a holiday resort in Australia—especially on the popular Sunshine Coast—is no easy feat and it requires keeping all operations on top form. This includes both behind-the-scenes and front-of-house management. With so many guests moving in and out of your hotel, you’re kept on your toes making sure everything is working optimally at all times. Plumbing Maintenance is Essential-

Efficient resort management means keeping the guest rooms in good nick, offering clean bedding at all times and ensuring bathrooms are hygienic and functioning properly. Hotel guests expect value for their money so when the plumbing goes haywire you need to call on a plumber Sunshine Coast resorts use as soon as possible. Otherwise, your customers aren’t going to be happy with a flooded bathroom!

Maintaining your resort’s plumbing system is vital for the health and safety as well as comfort of your guests. Let’s look at how you can ensure all is in good working order when it comes to the plumbing needs of your hotel. 

Resort Plumbing Maintenance is essential: 5 Reasons You Need to Do It

1. Plumbing Regulations- Plumbing Maintenance is Essential

Most countries, including Australia, have stringent plumbing regulations in place to protect all occupants in a commercial building or residential property. Hotels and resorts are required, by law, to comply with these regulations when installing and maintaining a plumbing and drainage system. 

Professional plumbers are guided by regulations such as the Plumbing Code of Australia which clearly specifies the technical requirements of construction and installation of these systems. When using a plumber to maintain or repair your resort’s plumbing system, ensure they’re fully licensed and certified to carry out the work.

2. Advice on Plumbing Upgrades

An experienced plumber will advise on upgrades to keep your plumbing services working well even during peak holiday seasons when you have more guests using your facility than usual. These upgrades minimise the chances of your toilets, showers and baths causing bigger problems such as flooding from blocked drains. 

Upgrades could include:

  • Drain hair catchers: These simple devices are designed to prevent hair from entering the shower or bathtub drain and clogging it. This makes the work easier for your hotel cleaners while ensuring there are no untimely drain blockages.
  • Kitchen sink strainers: Prevent an excessive amount of grease and fat going down your kitchen sinks by using strainers. This way you can prevent drains from being clogged. 

Signage in hotel bathrooms should also be strategically placed asking guests to not dispose of waste items down the toilet that could lead to blocked drains. 

3. Help Save Water

Australia is one of the driest inhabited countries in the world with a limited water supply. Water is a precious resource that needs to be conserved as much as possible. 

Plumbing maintenance should include installing water-saving devices in your resort’s guest rooms and other areas of the hotel. Hotels can do their bit by incorporating water efficiency devices such as low-flow showerheads and low-flush toilets in the bathrooms. Both these devices are designed to reduce the amount of water being used without compromising the use of showers and toilets. 

Regular plumbing maintenance will also identify any problems early on, before they result in high and costly water wastage such as leaking underground pipes, dripping faucets and toilets. 

4. Keeps All Appliances in Top Working Order 

Plumbing maintenance doesn’t only mean keeping your hotel guest’s bathroom in top working order. Resorts use a number of appliances that need to be attached to a fully functioning plumbing system. These include:

  • The laundry: Washing machines work overtime in hotels to keep all bedding, table linen, towels and uniforms clean. If they’re not kept in good working order, they could lead to hassles and a bad reputation!
  • Kitchen: Dishwashers and kitchen food disposals are some of the appliances that could interfere with the smooth running of your resort if they’re not well-maintained. 
  • Boiler room: Providing hot water is an absolute necessity in any well-run hotel. Plumbing maintenance includes ensuring the boiler room is kept running smoothly and that hot water is supplied safely and continuously. 

5. Prevents Bigger Problems From Happening

Regular plumbing maintenance means you can have peace of mind everything is working as it should in your resort. Scheduling annual inspections with an accredited plumber in your area should be part of your plumbing maintenance plan. 

Annual inspections ensure your resort plumbing system is kept clean. And, potential problems can be identified and repaired before they become a major issue for you and your guests. This way, major inconveniences can be avoided. 

Final Thoughts

Part of running an efficient resort involves managing the hotel’s plumbing system. You’re obliged to protect the health and safety of your hotel guests and employees by ensuring the plumbing and drainage is in good working order. But, a resort plumbing maintenance plan will also minimise those inconveniences from cropping up when your hotel is full of guests. 

It makes sense to use a professional plumber to maintain your resort’s plumbing system running perfectly. This way you can rest assured your hotel guest leaves with only happy memories—and leave positive reviews—after their stay at your resort. 



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