5 Puppy Toys to Soothe and Entertain Teething Troubles


Are you looking for ways to soothe and entertain your teething pup? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with six top-rated puppy toys that will help ease those pesky teething troubles and keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end. 

From chewable bones to interactive puzzles, these dog toys are perfect for any playful pup needing extra TLC. So, grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and dive into the world of puppy playtime!

Kong Classic Dog Toy

As your puppy’s teeth come in, they may become fussy and chew on anything they can get their mouth on, including your fingers! To help soothe your pup’s teething troubles, Kong offers the Classic Dog Toy specifically designed for puppies. 

This toy is made of soft rubber that is safe for teething puppies to chew on, and it also has a built-in squeaker that will keep your pup entertained. The Kong Classic Dog Toy is available in two sizes small and medium, so you can choose the right size for your pup.

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

If your puppy is teething and driving you crazy, try one of these Nylabone chew toys. The “Puppy Starter Kit” comes with three chew toys: a bone for teething, a rattle for entertainment, and a kong-type toy for mealtime fun. Each of these will help soothe your puppy’s gums and keep them occupied, so they don’t turn to your furniture or shoes for relief.

Orbee-Tuff Squeak

Orbee-Tuff Squeak is a squeaky toy that is perfect for dogs that are teething. This toy is made of durable Orbee-Tuff material and has a built-in squeaker. It is also bouncy and floatable, making it perfect for interactive playtime.


Is your puppy going through teething troubles? If so, you’re looking for ways to soothe and entertain them. One excellent option is a rope toy.

Rope toys are perfect for teething puppies because they can chew on them to help relieve their pain. They’re also great for playing tug-of-war, which can be fun for you and your pup. Ensure you supervise your puppy while playing with the rope toy, as they could swallow pieces of it if they chew on it too much.

Puppy Teething Ring

Puppy teething rings are among the most popular ways to soothe and entertain your pup. There are numerous types and brands of puppy teething rings available, so selecting one that is both durable and safe for your dog to chew on is critical. Puppy teething rings are typically made of rubber or plastic and have raised bumps or nubs on the surface that help massage your pup’s gums and teeth as they chew. Some puppy teething rings have built-in squeakers or other features to entertain your dog during this chewing phase.


Teething troubles are painful and can be physically and mentally distressing for puppies. It is crucial to ensure that puppies have suitable dog toys at this stage of their development to reduce discomfort, aid teething, and provide much-needed entertainment. With the wide selection of puppy toys available, it’s easy to find something special for your pup to soothe their sore gums while providing hours of playtime fun. Whether you opt for a chew toy, interactive toy, or tugging rope – make sure your pup has plenty of options for relieving their teething pains!



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