5 Fun Ways To Celebrate The Fourth Of July In The New Normal

Young black boy holding flag at 4th July family garden party

You may associate the 4th of July with social gatherings, firework displays, satiating food, and large parties. It used to be a holiday where you and your friends hop from one house to the other to have fun, attend gatherings, and catch the nearest fireworks display. However, with the current global situation, the ways you’ll celebrate occasions and festivities is going to be different. This is to minimize the transmission of the disease and keep everyone safe and healthy. Lets know about the ways to celebrate the fourth of july in this new normal.

Celebrating Holidays During A Pandemic

Hosting events and special occasions at home increases your risk of acquiring the illness. While it can be easy to frown over this reality, there are still exciting and creative ways to make the holidays special. To show you, take note of the following fun ways to celebrate the 4th of July in the new normal.

1. Get Crafty

To build the excitement leading to the holiday, send your family and friends a party invitation letter and cards. You can also tag them in a digital announcement with the event details and things they can bring over. 

Express your holiday spirit and creativity by filling your home with holiday-themed items, banners, party hats, customized cups, and more. You can ask the kids to get crafty and paint the party hats. If you have spare time, you can even make stripe wreaths, confetti poppers, liberty crowns, and the like.

If you’re inviting limited guests over, documenting the celebration is a must. To make it more special and unique, you can create a simple, mini photo booth. Decorate the background with reds, blues, and stars. You can also have silly props for your family and friends to pose with. This is a great way to get creative and capture great times while at home.

2. Gather The Rest Of Your Loved Ones In A Virtual Party

The pandemic didn’t stop many major milestone celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations. Everyone started to gather and meet-up virtually to acknowledge these events. While this may not be the traditional way to cherish the festivities, you can still use these video platforms to gather the rest of your extended family to celebrate.

You may already have an arsenal of party ideas. However, this may be time to tweak these practices and experiment with new ones. For instance, you can introduce fresh party games where adults can participate and have fun. Require your virtual guests to wear patriotic graphics and statement shirts or come up with a red, white and blue outfit ensemble. 

There’s a lot of fashion and lifestyle blogs they can skim through to find outfits which matches their preferences. This is an easy way to freshen up your virtual gatherings and manifest your love for the country.

Set up a digital background that resonates with the holiday to complete the experience. This allows you to feel like you’re physically together celebrating the holiday. 

3. Binge Watch Patriotic Films

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If you and your family aren’t the mood to play party games, you can choose to watch patriotic series, American history documentaries, war movies, and other similar content of historic interest. You can check out these films on streaming platforms. 

Alternatively, you can create a poll beforehand to decide what film to watch and prepare everything ahead. If you have a spacious yard at home, you can even set up an outdoor movie theater. Prepare your white screen, projector, and large speakers. Don’t forget your popcorns and perhaps, a glass of red wine.

Homemade Memorial Day Hamburger Picnic with Chips and Fruit

Watching movies is a great way to cap off the festivity. This is also the perfect time to rewatch films you find interesting or to simply, review your knowledge about US history through documentaries. 

4. Eat All American

This is the most suitable time to flex your cooking skills and bring the DIY and seasonal holidays together. Festivities aren’t complete without food, drinks, and pastries. 

While it can be easy to order food from your favorite food chain, make the holidays special by preparing the menu and cooking the dishes. However, if you feel like your family needs to taste the cookies you’ve been raving about; you can order a few and cook the rest of the meals.

You don’t need to be an excellent cook or to have a well-equipped kitchen to whip delicious meals. For starters, you can have an outdoor grilling session with barbeques, burgers, sausages and the like. You can bake apple pie, prepare pork tenderloin sandwiches, and make homemade pizza with the kids. This is a perfect time to gather the family, designate roles, and get all busy in the kitchen.

Alternatively, gather your cook books, skim through easy family recipes, and ask for your friend’s recommendations. Look for an All-American menu with accompanying recipes and pre-measured ingredients on the Internet. 

To make your dinner party extra memorable, have a picnic in your yard. Your kids will surely love this idea as you relish your meals with virtual fireworks display show.

5. Catch Virtual Fireworks Show

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Fireworks shows have become the accustomed practice to celebrate large country-wide celebrations, special occasions, and certain festivities. However, some of these shows and traditions have to be called off to adhere to the “New Normal’s” general health and safety measures.

Despite the physical distancing and other policies, Independence Day can’t be cancelled. Gladly, there are free streaming platforms, television broadcasts, and live fireworks display you and your family can tune in. 

Similar during New Year’s Eve, you can look for Independence Day fireworks show in large cities of America—Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and more. You can even choose a vacation destination around the country and see if there are live fireworks shows in the area. 

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to celebrate Independence Day at home. You can still cherish this annual holiday by thinking outside the box and integrating new ways to observe traditions. By following the fun ways and tips above, you can ensure a safe and special gathering you and your family will surely look back.



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