5 Business Advantages of SD-WAN

5 business advantages of SD-WAN. 

The business world is constantly changing. This has become especially true over the past couple of decades, as organizations have needed to adjust to changes resulting from the proliferation of the internet. Software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) are one kind of technology that has emerged in order to improve enterprise networks. Here are 5 business advantages of SD-WAN. 

Better Network Security

One of the most essential functions of SD-WAN is the provision of better network security for firms. It’s difficult to overstate how important this is for enterprises in today’s world. 

Cybersecurity and enterprise networks security in particular are essential concerns for organizations. Many statistics can highlight the critical nature of network security, but in every situation, falling victim to a cyber attack is going to lead to massive losses for an enterprise. Not only are organizations vulnerable to critical data loss when they experience a breach, it can be incredibly expensive to pick up the pieces. In fact, the costs of data breaches have risen about 10 percent over the past five years, and it’s unlikely this trend will stop anytime soon. 

SD-WAN provides enterprises the network architecture to implement vastly better network security protocols. 

Better Network Performance

Performance, another major consideration, is intrinsic to the DNA of SD-WAN. 

By having a software-defined layer, SD-WAN is able to route network traffic in a far more efficient way than in the past. Thanks to SD-WAN, it doesn’t matter if traffic is coming from many sources with different kinds of connections. SD-WAN is able to route different kinds of traffic and connections based on priority. This ensures networks are functioning at an optimal level. 

Better Network Visibility

When thinking about SD-WAN, network visibility makes it a superior choice for controlling network traffic. You’re not going to be able to tell when something is off when you don’t have a good way of monitoring your network. Being software-defined, SD-WAN allows for a far greater level of network visibility.

The solution is unique in that it facilitates and prioritizes a variety of different network connections. While this is highly useful in its own right, the fact all network traffic can be centralized and monitored is another massive benefit. This is especially true when using SD-WAN as a service.  

No matter if an organization just uses SD-WAN, or secure access service edge (SASE), opting for SD-WAN as a service can make network visibility even more robust. This is because the SD-WAN service provider will offer monitoring and analytics tools, as well as oversight and support. This is often the best option for enterprises that need to guarantee the health and security of their networks. 

Better Network Capabilities

As already mentioned, the ability to prioritize network traffic based on type and need is one of the great benefits of SD-WAN. This will lead to enterprise networks operating at a higher level, while also requiring less downtime. 

SD-WAN can also help facilitate more remote access for networks. The need to get onto enterprise networks from remote locations has only increased over the years, and has been pushed along even farther by COVID-19. Securely facilitating remote network access is one of the great challenges of IT departments. Utilizing SD-WAN can make everything more secure, while also improving connections. 

Greater Cost Savings

There are the obvious long-term money-saving elements, such as avoiding the headaches that come with data breaches or other security problems. But SD-WAN can actually save money in the near-term as well, especially if enterprises are bundling security and monitoring features into an SD-WAN as a service package. 

Clearly, there are many business advantages to SD-WAN. Consider how implementing SD-WAN at your organization could lead to positive outcomes.


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