5 Best Gift Ideas for Friendship Day in Italy

Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

Friends are those with whom you share no bloodline, but many times they prove more valuable than your siblings. You share all your good and bad experiences with them. You trust them more than yourself and want them to stand by yourself when you need them. When it comes to presenting them a gift, you always feel confused about what to pick and how to show them how special you are. If you have this kind of confusion, then I have five best gift Ideas for Friendship Day in Italy.

The Internet has made this world a global village. These days, we have friends from different parts of the world. If you have some friends who are living in Italy and you want to know what gifts you can give them, then you can check this list of 5 best options.

Customized Message Mug

Friends share their best life moment’s photographs from time to time. Now your task is to collect some best picture from your phone gallery and make a collage. If there is a special occasion like birthday, friendship day or something, then you can add a photo of a special message in this college as well. Now next thing to do is to find an Italy gift shop online facebook page where you can place an order of customized mug with a print of this photo collage. It won’t cost you more than $20, but this is a kind of gift your friend will always remember and keep it safe in his cupboard.

Friendship Bracelet

When we love a person, we like to tie a knot with him. In the case of a friend, one traditional gift idea is to share some friendship bracelet. The primary purpose is to buy the same bracelet, keep one yourself, and send another to your friend. This friendship bracelet will serve as a symbol of love and connection between you and your friend. It has a profound emotional message of heart-to-heart connection which only you and your friend can understand.


Red roses often symbolize as a flower for love. However, when it comes to friendship, there is no special color. You can pick any flower like the tulip, rose, jasmine, and any other. The main idea is to tell your friend how his company brings an aromatic environment around you.  If there is a special flower which your friend like then you should send him a basket filled with these flower on Friendship day. However, when there is no special flower choice, I suggest you go with a colorful gift basket. It would be best if you got help from Italian Flowers Company which let you choose from a wide variety of flower baskets. They will deliver this basket on friendship’s day right on time on your behalf.

Smiley Pillows

There are many online shops in Italy which keep a collection of Smiley Pillows. Being a friend, it is our wish to keep your friend happy all the time. When you present this pillow to your friend, he will put it on his bed. Even when sometime he is feeling low, he could look at these smiley pillows which would make him smile in this dark phase too.

Friendship Day Customized card

Many online websites allow you to customize some friendship day card with a unique message and music. Even you can record your own message and attach it to a card. This is a creative friendship day gift which your friend would love to receive.

Now please tell me which of these gift ideas for Friendship Day in Italy, you would like to follow.


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