5 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows in 2019

data recovery software

Have you lost or deleted some files on your Windows computer? Looking for the best recovery software? I have got details of the 5 best options you can avail and perform recovery action with speed and accuracy. Let’s find out what I have for you.

Disk Drill

It is one of the most popular recovery options you can choose. People like this software as it offers a both free and paid version. Sometimes, you want to recover only a few data and files, and you are not in a mood to pay something in return. In such a scenario, you can make the most from its free version, which let you recover 500 MB data easily.

The second thing which makes this software the right choice is that it offers guaranteed recovery is possible because it keeps a copy of every single file which moved. Even you can recover data which is deleted and gone in recycle bin. It creates a file in the ISO, IMG, DMG formats and allows the user to search for data in a clone. Therefore, it drops down the risk to the original source.

When you want to recover data more than 500MB, you can use its premium version, which is Disk Drink Pro. It let you make unlimited data recovery.  You can find a backup reference for deleted files in the recovery vault.

SalvageData recovery Software

Whether your hard drive is dead or formatted, you would be able to use this software to recover all lost data and files.  There is a free data recovery software which you can run on your system and then get back all the lost images, files, and documents. For this purpose, you need to download the data recovery software from SalvageData Recovery. Run it on your device, once downloading is done. Start scan process. Restore all the files which you want to keep safe.

SalvageData is offering professional hard drive recovery services to its clients all across American. They started working in 2003 and recovered more than 55000 hard drive. You can avail their emergency services, just when you can’t risk losing any important data. They offer free initial analysis services to their customers. After the evaluation, you can get a price quote.  So, when things get out of your hand, and a recovery software doesn’t work according to your expectation. You should think of getting help from an expert.


This software has strong data recovery capabilities not only for windows but also for a digital camera. It works with different platform all-alone. It provides support to a wide variety of formats in images, documents, files, audios, and videos. When it comes to getting files recovered from CD-ROM and Hard disks, then it helps you do this task efficiently and with high speed.

There is an “Unformat” function which makes it easy for you to add formats of your choice. It is compatible with the latest Windows versions.


Another data recovery software which is suitable for those users who don’t want to pay much is Wondershare.  You can recover lost data from multiple storage devices such as Hard Drives, USB flash drives, memory sticsk, and even camcorders. When you download this software, you can run or pause the scan process at any time.

Just like PhotoRec, it can handle different audio, video, file, and images formats. It is suitable for all famous Windows versions. When you want to stop the scan, you can press the pause button, and when you click resume, then scanning will begin from where the software left before. This kind of unique scan-pause /resume feature only comes with Wondershare data recovery software.


When you are looking for software which is fast and easy to use, then you should give a try to RECUVA. It runs quick and complete scan within a few minutes. You can get back your lost data and files quickly when you run a scan after downloading Recuva data recovery software.

Advanced deep scan mode allows you to check hidden files in your system and see what files got deleted in the past. This software comes with excellent recovery power because it let you recover data from a damaged and even a formatted file.

People like to work with Recuva because its interface is user-friendly. There is no need to have some technical knowledge and experience to work with it. Even a 10-year old can run and scan his device with this software.

When the scan is over, you can preview recovered file, and if you want to restore them, then this action can be done quickly.

Wrap Up

So, you have got details of 5 best paid /free data recovery software for Windows in 2019. Now the next thing to do is to pick any of them and get back your lost data. If you already used any of this software, feel free to share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.


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