4 Things to Know about Waterproof Weighing Scales

Waterproof Weighing Scales

Have you ever bought a scale that you want to use in a moist environment, and it will deteriorate in a few days? Well, we can see waterproof weighing scales with some of our industries, such as the fishing industry and the chemical industry.

 These industries have too much water intrusion on the scale and since moisture and electronics are perpetual enemies. If the moisture enters any equipment that has electronic components, it may stop functioning soon. All the weighing scales have electronic components that get damaged due to moisture.

Therefore, it becomes essential for industries to use waterproof weighing scales as they are resistant to water and moisture. By investing in waterproof weighing scales, industries can use them in any environment. Let us know more about these waterproof scales.

Resist water and moisture

Water resistant scales are resistant to water and moisture. Therefore, if you use them in a high humidity environment, these scales will not face any problems due to a special chemical coating on the motherboard and a special type of load cells that are used in them. Also, the electronic components used in them are made to resist moisture and they are enclosed in water proof casing. Unlike the standard weighing scales, the motherboard is enclosed in a waterproof casing that protects the electronic components against spills. Therefore, there is no chance of water or moisture reaching the electronic components. So, they work perfectly in any environment.

Waterproof scales can resist spills.

Spills can occur in many industries, especially when liquids are heavy or contain products that contain moisture, such as fishing. Also, the warehouses that store vegetables, fruits and liquid products use water proof scales due to their capability to resist water and moisture.

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Water or other liquids may leak from the container into the weighing pan, which can damage an equilibrium that does not have an IP rating. Waterproof scales are hard and strong parts of the kit, designed for daily use in a work environment.

Suitable for multiple industries

Due to their water resisting capability, these scales are suitable for use in multiple industries, especially the fishing industry. These scales are mostly used in the fishing industry, fruit, vegetable, dairy, oil, paint and chemicals industry. Any industry that deals in liquid products and operates in humid environments can use waterproof weighing scales. The milk industry also uses waterproof weighing scales as they need to weigh milk and other dairy products.

Waterproof scales may last longer.

Standard scales are made of metal that erodes with time as they come in contact with moisture, water or chemicals in the environment. Scales made of stainless steel are known to be well made and resistant to corrosion, which makes them last over a longer period of time.

But it can apply to all waterproofing scales, which can prevent water loss. Waterproofing scales save money, not only because they require less to be replaced but also because they require less repair.

If a scale does not have a waterproof rating, you cannot use it in humid and wet locations. However, you can use a waterproof scale at any location, no matter how humid or moist the environment is.

Waterproof scales can be easily cleaned.

Usually, all weighing scales need daily cleaning as they attract dust and dirt from the materials that you weigh on them. Hygiene is essential in many industries, perhaps most notably in food processing. It is easy to clean or wipe a weighing scale dry. However, on waterproof scales, users can use cleaning solutions or even soapy water to wash them.

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You can wash and clean a waterproof scale after use to remove any spills or dirt- which is important without damaging the internal components. However, it is best to use only the recommended cleaning solutions and avoid washing with water as much as possible.

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Final Words

These were some things about waterproof weighing scales used in industries. These scales are a one-time investment that offers you accurate results and value over the years. Moreover, the present scales are digital and self-calibrated for enhanced accuracy and ease of use. Now, as you know about these scales, you can plan to buy them for your business and also guide others about their use. All these benefits of waterproof scales make them must-use equipment for businesses.


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