4 Reasons why you Should Not Let Inverter Battery Price be the Dominant Factor


India witnesses frequent power cuts for a long duration all around the year. These power outages can impact our daily routine and disrupt our plans. However, a reliable inverter and battery can provide relief from power outages while protecting your appliances from voltage fluctuations.

The challenging part is to decide which inverter and inverter battery to buy.

Numerous factors decide which battery can best fit you, such as inverter battery capacity and the type of inverter battery. However, most customers only weigh the inverter battery price when they are buying an inverter battery. It is suggested that you should weigh all the technical aspects and not just the inverter battery price.

So, here are the top factors other than inverter battery price that should play a dominant role while you buy an inverter battery:

  • Identify the Type of Inverter Batteries in the Market

It’s essential to decide which type of inverter battery you have to choose. There are three main types of inverter batteries available in the market.

  • Flat plate battery – A flat plate battery is essentially a lead-acid battery. These batteries are recommended for areas that face frequent but short power cuts.
  • Tubular battery – A tubular battery is a reliable and durable battery that is recommended for areas that face long but less frequent power cuts.
  • Gel batteries – A gel battery is another lead-acid battery that is regulated by a valve. These batteries are low-maintenance and produce fewer fumes. This is what makes them excellent for areas that lack ventilation.

All three types of batteries have their purposes and have advantages and disadvantages. They are different in size and technology and are suitable for different conditions. Before buying, consult with the expert to determine which one suits your requirements.

  • Check the Battery Backup
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While buying any inverter battery, knowing the backup time is crucial. Ideally, the battery backup time of an inverter can be as long as 5 to 10 hours. However, it also depends upon the load requirement and the battery capacity. Higher battery capacity means longer backup time. While buying the inverter battery, check each battery’s capacity and then calculate according to the requirement. You can also use a load calculator to understand your requirements and opt for a suitable battery.

  • Ask About the Warranty Period

The warranty ensures that the brand will support you by rectifying defects free of cost. A reliable brand will offer you different warranty periods over all types of inverter batteries. In contrast, a non-branded inverter battery can come with an excessively shorter warranty and might break down sooner than expected.

Luminous, the top provider of power solutions, offers various options to meet your power requirements and price requirements at the same time. Luminous free-of-cost service warranty is available on a flat and pro-rata basis, depending on the battery model you opt for or the warranty plan you choose.

However, do not confuse the warrant period with the battery lifespan as both are different. A long warranty period doesn’t guarantee a longer lifespan; however, it does ensure longer protection.

  • Refrain from Purchasing from Local Brands

The local batteries often use poor-quality lead, making them more prone to explosions. You should always buy the inverter batteries from a reliable brand; avoid obscure brands that offer products at a low inverter battery price. An inverter battery from a reliable brand goes through strict quality control, making it safe to keep at home or in the office.

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You can rely on Luminous for your inverter battery needs as the products are top-notch and use the highest quality material to ensure the best performance. Luminous offers innovative and advanced technology to meet your power requirements. You can explore their varied range of inverter batteries and make your pick without thinking twice.



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