4 Countries to Put on Your Travel List


Travelling is an essential component of having a fun, healthy lifestyle. Staying in the same setting and following a monotonous schedule for too long can get you frustrated and make you start losing motivation to get up and work. The arrival of the pandemic made people realize that traveling plays a key role in our growth. Now that nearly the whole world is vaccinated and travel restrictions have been reduced, tourism is booming.

Exploring other beautiful places in the world will help your mind relieve all the stress from university, work or whatever you are doing in life. You get to interact with people from diverse cultures, and get to live like them which helps you grow and broaden your horizons. You must choose a travel destination that helps you clear your mind and ensures your growth as a person. Another way to enjoy clearing your head and relieving some stress is online gambling through sites such as bet777.

Whether you are going alone, with your friends or your partner, you must have a few things in mind for your dream place. Listed below are travel itineraries of a few dream countries that attract a lot of tourists due to the fascinating experiences they offer. Although there are many beautiful countries in the world, the places we picked out for you are truly magnanimous.

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From the Island of Santorini to the coastal city of Nafplio, the beauty of Greece is truly amazing. 

Once home to Athens, Byzantines, Ottomans and other historical kingdoms, the rich history of Greece is the best place for those fascinated by historical charm.

The History of Peloponnesian Wars, the first ever history book, is based on a fight that took place in the peninsula of Peloponnese, another go-to place in Greece. You will find Venetian Fortresses, Greek temples and churches of Byzantines in this magical peninsula.

On the border of the Ionian Sea, there is a town of Corfo, best known for its cultural heritage and rugged mountains. For the beach lovers, there are a lot of beautiful beaches as well including Mykonos and Zakynthos. (Adrianflux)  


Encompassing the vibrant cities like Rome, Siena, Milan and Turin, Italy has to offer some of the most beautiful sites on this planet. The magnificent archaeological ruins, historic museums and the Tibet river are some of the must go places in Rome. This capital country of Italy also has diverse dining options for those who love food. The people are also very friendly and knowing even basic Italian to communicate with the locals will make a great difference.

The beauty of the Santa Maria Del Fiora church and the bell tower standing since the 14th century are some of the top tourist attractions in Florence. The city of Venice is visited by various celebrities of Bollywood and Hollywood, all year around. Among many others, Grand Canal and Rialto bridge are the most attractive destination sites in Venice. 

In Southern villas in Italy, the city of Pompeii allows you to dig into the Roman cultural heritage and the bay of Naples lets you have breathtaking sea glances thoroughly. 


One of the most sacred sites for Hindus, Grand Bassin, is located more than 1500 feet above sea level. The water of the lake is considered to be holy, and washes the sins of whoever enters it. Built in 2007, the huge statue of lord Shiva is one of its kind in the temple. 

The SSR gardens contain a plethora of colorful flowers and splendidly rare bird species. You can enjoy panoramic views of waterfalls and mountain peaks in the Black river Gorges national park. A major local Mauritius population is involved in the tourism sector somehow and you will definitely learn a thing or two about the culture in this fast-growing African country.

Blue penny museum, Grand Baie, Chamarel waterfall and Egret Island are also visited by worldwide travelers while on their trip to Mauritius. The natural beauty of Mauritius is second to none other places, which is why the tourist sector is expanding in the country with every passing year.


Bordering both the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is the smallest continent but the largest island on the earth right now. Although a major part of Australia is a desert that does not support regular life, there are numerous fantastic spots in the country that captivate travelers from all over the world. 

The Bondi beach of Sydney, the rugged mountains of Canberra, the limestone formations in the Pinnacles are but some of the magical places in Australia. There are skyscrapers, museums, national parks and forests in the country that offer you a wide range of experiences. The vibrant cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney will make your trip a lifetime memory.

The Blue mountains, Great barrier reef and the King’s Canyon are the ideal places for nature lovers. Fraser Island and Byron Bay are most popular for the transient beach experience they offer.


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